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I recorded this video on a new little gadget I talk about briefly in this video, the Kodak Zi10 or "PlayTouch," and if you hear a bit of fuzz in the background it's because I have my laptop on in the background.  This video camera actually picked up the very VERY quiet fan that was on inside my laptop during recording… pretty darn powerful mic in this little gadget!

In this video I dig into my "X" factor and the biggest reason why I've been able to achieve the success that I've achieved in this industry.

It has nothing to do with "lead generation."

It has nothing to do with being a "master prospector."

Watch the video to see what I believe will make or break you in this industry, and you better conquer this area of your life NOW or you will stay broke forever.

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Keep plowing forward, and never quit…

I'll see you at the top,

Brian Fanale
MLSP Co-Founder

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