2010: Year of the Tribe and Video Marketing with Cheryl James

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Cheryl was a challenger in the first season of the You Inc Star Video Challenge.
This is her 2010 year in review video. 

You can catch-up with Cheryl on her blog at www.JoinCherylJames.com

And be sure to watch Cheryl's 7 week progress here as she made her way through the 
You Inc Star Video Challenge


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Thank You Richard

What an Amazing year it has been!

I want to thank everyone, but a special Thank You goes out to Richard for posting this video here for me and making me become a better video marketer through my participation in You Inc Star.

Happy New Year. May it be joyous and prosperous,


Cheryl James — Sat, 01/01/2011 - 10:16am

Cherryl Good!

i do like you.
I have seem your progress.
I want to add something...if you allow me to :
1** I can respect that you for whatever reason(religious,personal matters) do not use some makeover and some other look's enhancements.
2** But from my humble point of view...I can not afford to see your dog chewing a bone in your lap...it does not any good to your video.

But let me tell you you are doing very good...keep it up your good job.

Be well,

Roger Aburto

Roger Aburto — Sat, 01/15/2011 - 1:36am


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