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Professional Network Marketers look for a company in its “sweet spot”.

Watch and listen as David Colister, a 30+ year veteran of the
network marketing industry, describes why he believes Life Force International
is in its sweet spot and how that will benefit you.

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David's Resume

David Colister | Life Force


David Colister started as a distributor in network marketing in 1982 with the Amway Corporation and had some good early success.  He left Amway one year later and went to A.L. Williams.  There he built a small organization but got some great mentoring which would serve him very well later in his career.  He left A.L Williams and went to Mannatech in 1994.  
His largest success as a business builder would come in Mannatech.  This is typical of the most successful networkers.  If they are fortunate enough to have good mentors, they take a few years to get some coaching and figure out the business, then they go on to have their biggest successes.

David built an organization in Mannatech of over 150,000 people in just a few years of work.  He discovered that despite his success in the field, he had a strong interest and a lot of natural talent for the corporate side of the business, especially marketing. From the beginning of his involvement with Mannatech, he helped the company design the marketing position – for example, how to sell a business plan instead of a just a product.  He basically created the marketing strategy used by the distributors to grow the company.
As a result of his aptitude and quick success, he was eventually invited by Mannatech to come inside and run the marketing department. 

Mannatech was doing $1million per year in sales in 1994.  When David left, in 2002, the company was doing $141 million in annual sales.    That’s 9 years of an amazing annual compound growth rate of 73%! 

Now leading the marketing department does not mean that David Colister gets full credit for those jaw-dropping results.  But no one would deny that marketing and positioning are key factors in the success of any network marketing company. 

After leaving Mannatech in 2004, David took a few years hiatus from the industry, but eventually was persuaded back by YTB travel in 2006 to work as a consultant to the company.  YTB stands for “Your Travel Business”.  At that time, the company had 41,000 active reps selling travel services.  He left one year later and the company had grown to over 158,000 reps.  From a rep standpoint (sales are not available for this private company), that growth rate is almost exactly 10% per month or 285% annually. It qualifies as another huge success in putting a company into short-term momentum growth.

David left YTB over irreconcilable differences with the management team and joined Visalus as an independent consultant in the fall of 2008.  In one year, by the fall of 2009, sales had grown by 1000%.  In 2011, Visalus was named the #1 turnaround story in the network marketing industry and was featured on the August cover of DSA (Direct Sellers Association) magazine.  Because Visalus is also a private company, we will not discuss actual sales numbers, just percentage gain.  Obviously, a 1000% growth rate exceeds the number required for short-term momentum growth by greater than a factor of 3!

Can you see the pattern here?  

Not only has David built enormous downlines, but he has also shown incredible skill as a corporate consultant inside the network marketing industry.  I have been in this industry full time since 1996 and off and on since 1984.  I have built large downlines and consulted with companies, just like David.  However, David’s resume is one of the best I have ever seen.  In fact, I do not know of another consultant in this industry that has the same unique combination of success on the field side combined with success in turning companies around at the corporate side.

I would estimate that there are less than 10 people in the world with a comparable resume for network marketing.

So now David has joined Life Force.  He was going to take on multiple clients, but after seeing the quality of people here and the growth potential of this company, he decidednot only NOT to take on any more clients, but to make Life Force his last company.

He believes this will be his biggest story yet and he seems to be bound and determined to make that happen. This is good news for anybody that’s currently a part of this company and even better for people just getting started. The reason I say that is the new people don’t have anything to unlearn! They can start with the best information and with David as their virtual mentor right from the start. 

Here are a couple of analogies from our perspective that relate to where we see Life Force right now:

1. Chicago Bulls in 1984, drafted Michael Jordan.  In the 1985 season, the Bulls made their first appearance in the playoffs since 1981.  In 1987, Phil Jackson joined the team as head coach.  In 1990, the Bulls won the first of 6 championships over the next 8 years and become not only a dynasty in the NBA, but one of the greatest teams in the history of sports.  Michael Jordan had the highest name recognition of any athlete (and probably any person) in the world. David Colister is a Michael Jordan profile in the network marketing industry.  He is setting roots with Life Force and intends to make this company a household name. 

2. When a public company is in trouble, the board of directors often uses the announcement of the hiring of a new CEO to relaunch their company, turn the stock around, and build expectations for a bigger future.  Stock prices rebound before the CEO even shows up for the first day of work.  Why?  Because markets thrive on the expectation of future growth. Business people join businesses because they believe those businesses have growth potential in the future.  Right?  But how do they determine this?  First, by looking at the product offer and the marketing side, meaning answering the question:  is there a market for this product, at this price, at this time?  If that’s a yes, then they take the next step.  And this step is the most important.  They look at the track record of the management team who will in charge of executing the strategy.  Do these key players have a track record of creating growth in the past?  

That becomes the #1 question in the minds of investors.  What’s the best way to know what somebody is going to do in the future?  Look at what they’ve done in the past! 

Life Force has just hired a man with exactly the right kind of track record.
When he gets involved, companies grow big and fast!

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