Brian Fanale Caught Daegan Smith with His Pants Down!

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When my buddy Daegan asked me if I wanted to trek over to Asia with him to speak
to a few hundred people in Malaysia and Singapore about building successful online
businesses, I very quickly obliged.

It was absolutely incredible! I was just finishing up our annual MLSP Mastermind
Retreat in Phoenix, and I was returning back to DC on Tuesday night. My flight to
Asia left Wednesdsay morning, the flight itself was nearly 24 hours, and I got there
Friday mid-day… we were on stage early Saturday morning and I needed to be at the
top of my game.

I wasn’t sure how in the hell I was going to make this happen, but it didn’t matter. I
made it a MUST, and I figured it out. This type of all-out massive action where you
100% decide, commit, and play full out is what is required of you if you ever want to
set yourself free with internet and network marketing.

Most of the time you won’t know the “HOW,” but that’s not what is really important.
You’ll figure out the how in the process of taking ACTION. The real variable that
matters is the WHY, and are you committed to the outcome because once you are,
the how has a way of just figuring itself out.

This video is a fun re-cap of where we stayed in Malaysia, and I thought you’d get a
kick out of the fact that we caught Daegan passed out in the middle of the hallway
of the nicest hotel in Malaysia after a lonnnnnng night of partying. Yes, we are real
dudes having a ball, loving life, working and playing hard, and traveling the world in
the process.

That’s what this industry and the internet has allowed us to create!

At the end of this video there are some very real takeways, so make sure you watch
the entire video! Enjoy, and I’ll talk with you soon!

You can do this. I believe in you. And you too can create a life of absolute freedom,
but only after you’ve 100% full-out committed, burned the boats, and let go of all the
lame excuses that have been holding you back your entire life.

Are you ready???

Your Friend,

Brian Fanale
P.S. – the ONLY way I’ve been able to create this lifestyle is because a few years ago
I plugged into some mentors, learned a few things, and then built a system called
MyLeadSystemPRO. This is the EXACT same marketing approach I personally used
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