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In this month’s premium interview for the ABN Vault, Ray Higdon sits down with BetterNetworker to talk about how he went “from foreclosure to Fiji” in less than two years, and reveals his eye-opening “Prospecting Scorecard” that will completely change your approach to people.

There’s no question that Ray Higdon is an attraction marketing “superstar.” But he hasn’t always been at the top of his game… In fact, Ray went through some pretty tough times to get where he is today.

Before he got into network marketing, Ray had a highly profitable career in real estate, making six figures a month flipping houses. Unfortunately, this success didn’t last. In 2008, Ray watched his income completely dry up and found himself dead broke, his house in personal foreclosure, and was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy.

But Ray wasn’t ready to give up! Refusing to blame anyone but himself for what had happened, Ray rolled up his sleeves and decided to try his hand at network marketing, putting in 14 hours a day, 7 days a week to try and climb out of the hole he had landed in.

In less than a year, Ray had his first $40,000+ month and was well on his way to reclaiming his success of yore. Today, he’s the #1 earner in his primary company and was just named as its first ever Ambassador.

In these 50+ minutes of exclusive training content – only available to ABN members – you’ll discover:

  • The #1 mistake made by network marketers, and why they think they’re actually helping their business while doing it.
  • How being “addicted to the outcome” will completely sabotage your ability to recruit anyone.
  • Why you’re probably too “selfish” to talk to your warm market, and how to overcome this huge stumbling block.
  • The thing you “just don’t get” about Facebook, and how this is killing any chance you have of recruiting people.
  • Why if you’re not using this basic tool, then you’re not cut out for this industry!
  • How you can use Ray’s deadly accurate system to identify your greatest weaknesses, and pinpoint exactly how to compound your results.
  • Why no one will ever join your company if you don’t have positive “self-talk.”
  •  The one thing Ray never, ever does… And if you want to recruit strong leaders, neither should you!
  • The 3 critical things you need to create loyalty and retention, and why it doesn’t matter how great your product is if you don’t have each of them.
  • The “repulsion” marketing technique you’re probably using to drive people away – without even knowing it!
  • The 6 reasons why people fail to sponsor others, and how you’re unconsciously doing at least 3 of them.
  • The simple communication concept no one else has ever taught before that can dramatically increase the number of people you recruit.

You can connect with Ray on his BetterNetworker profile.

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