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Hi there...

My name is Adam Chandler... I've been in the online marketing and home based business world for about 6 years now.. Crazy how time flies right?

Seems like just yesterday I was fighting rush hour traffic every day only to sit in a mind numbing cubicle for 8 hours feeling unfulfilled and uninspired...

These days life looks way different... I've been full time from home for going on 5 years now. I've coached hundreds of other marketers in the past couple years through various products and coaching courses where I emphasize leverage, productivity and simplicity. I've developed quite a passion for helping people transition from timid marketer to confident, well-paid entrepreneur.

Every Friday I give away a resources designed to turn you into a marketing and profit pulling powerhouse... completely for free! I call it Free Stuff Friday and you can learn more about it on my blog at

To learn more about Adam's 100 Day Challenge to The Promised Land go to


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