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At 17 years old, visiting a friend’s house, I stepped into my first Network-Marketing presentation. His parents were Amway diamonds and easily a couple of the nicest and most generous people I had met in my life to that point. I knew there was something to this way of doing business that would change my life. 

After a several years of “roller-coaster” free-enterprise business experiences in my early 20s I enrolled at the University of Colorado in Boulder earning a Masters degree in business and started a career as a CPA accountant at a big 4 public accounting firm.

The years of Corporate work was an invaluable professional experience but for me, I knew it would be ultimately unfulfilling as a life’s work.

With some soul-searching I realized I needed to look for new mentors that could help me develop a career helping and leading others through Network Marketing. Within 6 months of that decision I had replaced my income with the right opportunity and quit, never looking back.

Network Marketing is by far the coolest business model in the world. Financial freedom is only one of many benefits, although it’s a BIG one. It’s the ultimate lifestyle choice that focuses on developing meaningful friendships with some of the highest quality people that share a value in service.

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