Welcome to BetterNetworker.com!

Welcome To BetterNetworker.com! (Now please read the rules below so you don't get banned!) ;)

Jason Better

Hey, Jason Better here, and I just wanted to welcome you to BetterNetworker.com, give you a few helpful hints on how to get the most out of your new community, and tell you the rules, because we have some very important ones...

I'd like to start by introducing
you to "Carl The Cop"...

Carl's job is to keep BetterNetworker.com spam free so we can all have a great time, and enjoy the site...

"Hey, my name's Carl, and I lay down the law around here. I am not your typical jelly-donut-eat'n security guard.

I'm a lean, mean, banning machine who's always on the look out for the next punk who wants to break my rules.

Carl the Cop

It's my job to protect this community from dirt-bags, weasels, dweebs, and junkies who want to pollute our site with spam and garbage about their latest business opportunity.

So let's get this straight from Day 1...

Almost everyone here is already in a network marketing business of some kind, so they don't care to hear about your business, any more than you care about theirs.

We're here to learn from each other and help each other, not recruit.

So here are my most important rules, and you’d better follow'em if you’d like to stay on my good side...


  • Do NOT post any kind of sales pitch for your business, or affiliate product in the forum. This is called "forum spam". And if you put spam in my forum, I'll hunt you down, delete your post, and ban your account immediately without warning.

    If you'd like to help your community members out by sharing a valuable tool or resource with them on the forum, you may do so as long as you DO NOT use an affiliate link. You'll gain their respect in return!
  • Do NOT post any kind of sales pitch for your business or affiliate product in the guest book of your fellow community members, or in the comments of their posts.
  • Do NOT send direct messages to your community friends with a pitch for your business opportunity or affiliate product. No one wants an inbox full of crap.

If you break my rules, I WILL kick yer butt to the curb. If you see someone else break my rules, post porn on our site, or anything else, you can notify me at headquarters by clicking on the "Report As Spam" link.

I'll jump in the squad car and be there in a jiffy...


  • You MAY create a signature file on the forum where you can put anything you want... A link to your business, favorite website, affiliate product… Whatever. If you want to sell your products, promote your opportunity, or tell your Mamma how much you love her, you can do that in your signature file.
  • If you are Member of the ABN, you can post all the articles, videos, and podcasts you want, about any business related topic you want. If you want to post an article about your opportunity or product, go right ahead.

    But I'll give you a hint... The articles, videos, and podcasts that get the most views, shares, and votes, offer some kind of news or training information that the rest of your community members would find useful.

    If you focus on helping the rest of the community members and their needs, you'll get more views, exposure, and votes than anyone else!

    Now please remember that Free Members can only read content. They cannot post it on BetterNetworker.

    If you'd like to upgrade your account and join the ABN so you can post content, you can get a 14-day trial right here for just $1.00. I can't even my donuts...er...I mean salad… that cheap any more!

    You'll be able to post your own content, and have full, instant access to the entire site, including "The Training Vault", which is where we keep the really good stuff if ya know what I mean...

So those are my rules. If ya break'm, I'll be coming after ya. (For a complete list that's quick and easy to read, please click here)

Keep your nose clean, make some friends, learn some cool stuff, and give back.

A new episode of "Cops" is coming on, so I'm gonna hand you back over to Jason for some helpful tips on how to get free traffic and exposure from BetterNetworker.com now... Over and out.

"How To Get Free Traffic And Exposure For You
And Your Business On BetterNetworker.com..."

Alright , it's Jason again, and now that you know the rules of our community, I wanted to give you some basic steps to take right now, that will help you get the most out of BetterNetworker.com...

(And I'll be sending you some tips via email over the next few days as well, so watch your inbox!)

So here's the deal... BetterNetworker.com is network marketing's fastest-growing, and most respected social community in the world for one reason...

We respect and reward value.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality news, resources, and training content to our community members like you every day, so you can learn more, grow a successful business, and achieve financial freedom.

And we do a pretty good job at this, which means two things...

  1. More and more network marketers join the site every day who can learn about your and your business.
  2. Google loves us.

So any articles, videos, and podcasts you post, will get indexed by Google, and start pulling in FREE traffic for you. Yes… FREE TRAFFIC.

You cannot find a more targeted audience to present yourself and your business to, anywhere else in the world.

So how do you tap into this incredible resource and the massive traffic it can provide?

Here are some valuable tips to help you get started...

Step 1: Create a great profile!

This is really important, because if you don't fill out your profile, people aren’t going to take you as a serious member of the community, and they won’t be able to find you in a search.

Make sure you

  • Upload a great profile picture.
  • List your websites and social media links.
  • Write a great bio about yourself.
  • Tell people how you can help them, or what kind of help you need.
  • Upload as many pictures as you'd like.

(If you need help for anything, just visit the Help Page, which has tips and videos that will show you how to use the site!)

Step 2: Invite your friends!

BetterNetworker.com gets stronger and more valuable for everyone with every new person who joins.

Help us grow this awesome community and grow your number of friends in the process, by inviting your downline members, prospects, and business partners to connect with you on BetterNetworker using our simple "Invite Friends" page.

We'll make it easy and do all the leg work for you!

Create an account now so you can start to invite your friends.

Step 3: Jump into the forum.

This is where the party takes place every day, and we'd love to have you! Ask questions, give answers, share your stories... Have fun and obey Carl's rules!

Step 4: Upload Content For Free Traffic.

In order to take full advantage of BetterNetworker.com, and get free search engine traffic from Google, you need to be able to upload articles, videos, or podcasts to the community.

In order to protect the site from spam and poor quality content, we only allow paid ABN Members to add content. So if you aren’t a member of the ABN yet, you need to join! It’s REALLY easy...

In fact, you can enjoy all the perks of ABN status, by taking a 14-day test drive for only $1.00. If you love the training you'll find in "The Vault", and the other valuable benefits that come with an ABN membership, it’s only $19.95/Mo.

Step 5: Learn and share!

Quality content is rewarded at BetterNetworker, with added exposure throughout the site, and on the Internet.

Anytime you read and article, watch a video, or listen to a podcast, make sure you make your voice heard by sharing the content through Twitter, Facebook, or BuzzUp.

The content with the most "shares" each day, will be displayed on the home page, and featured in our "Best Of BetterNetworker.com" weekly and monthly newsletters!

Imagine if YOUR article, name, and profile were mailed out to over 50,000+ of the most successful network marketers in the world!

Step 6: ABN Members Only!

If you just joined the ABN, make sure you click on the "Get Your ABN Badge Code link" on your profile page, and grab your ABN Member in Good Standing, "Click To Verify" Seal.

You'll want to place this Members Only Seal on your websites, blogs, and in your email so your partners and prospects can leave feedback and reviews on your ABN profile page.

So what now?

Well I'd start at Step 1 above and complete your profile, so people can learn more about you, and find out how cool you really are.

I'm really excited that you're here, and I can’t wait to help you and your business grow!

We respect your privacy and do not tolerate spam. Tens of thousands of home business owners have already benefited from this revolutionary information, and now you can safely do so as well.

Are you a robot? Just checking.