"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein via BetterNetworker


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"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

Warren Veach

Primary Company:  State Continuing Education
Other Company:  HealthCare On Call
Industry:  Health Care
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hi, and thanks for stopping by my page. Everybody just calls me Warren, and I hope you will also. I thought I’d use this space to tell a little about me, my approach to the world of Internet Commerce, and what attracts me to a company or venture. One thing you will notice about my page is there is a lot of reading material and not a lot to look at. They say, "A picture is worth a thousand words"........... Nope, you get the thousand words version. No big ads, no banners, nothing especially slick, but some very good info.  So, sit back, read a little, or read a lot. Ask questions, voice your opinion, come back often.

First of all, I try to do business following some very basic rules:

Rule #1. "I am not trying to convince you to help me Build My Business".

Rule #2. "No 'Catch and Release' marketing!"

Rule #3: "Focus on the Customer, the Client and the Relationship."

Rule #4: "Do not sponsor anyone into your program, unless you're willing to make yourself readily available and act as a mentor to ensure their success."

Rule #5: "Have a GREAT day"

Rule #6. "Lead with your expertise."

In the physical world I am a licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent, specializing in providing Affordable Health Insurance to the Self-Employed and Small Businesses throughout Texas. Insurance is a profession requiring specialized knowledge and long & intensive classroom preparation and ongoing education.

I wanted to be able to translate the same criteria to internet ventures. I wanted to portray a professional attitude in what I did. I knew that in order to be successful, I would have to exhibit a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace. In this instance, the workplace was the internet, and any communications and relationships that came from it. I would have to be willing to follow a strict line of conduct as deserving of any profession and commit to helping others grow and prosper in their respective endeavors.

An “Internet Professional”, if you will.
In my on-line endeavors, I have purposely sought out ventures that have what I call a “real world application”. By that, I mean products and services that fill a need for the everyday person, in their everyday life.

As a result, I tend to gravitate towards things that have just as much, if not more, value to the “client” as opposed to the “business builder”. Therefore, my second tendency is to seek out ventures that are complimentary to each other.

This allows me the freedom to focus on the benefits of any particular venture’s product to the client, and not to have to worry about whether a “business partner” will be successful. Of course, should a person desire to become a “business partner” in any venture I am involved in, then I promise to give them 100% support.

Please feel free to check any of them out at your leisure, and please feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions or comments about how I may be of service to you.

Have a GREAT day,

Phone: 972-979-4665
Primary Business: We currently have Franchise opportunities throughout the U.S available.

StateCE-Continuing Education for Professionals - State Approved, state-mandated Continuing Education courses for professionals in the fields of Insurance, Real Estate, Cosmetology, HVAC, Electrical, Home Inspection, Mortgage, Radiology, & Private Security.

StateCE offers a Preferred Customer Status and our clients receive a 25% discount on their personal Continuing Education needs. StateCE also offers a 100% Price Match Guarantee!

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My Location:  Plano, Texas
United States

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Don Egnor wrote
Hi Warren, I wanted to say thanks for the connection...I appreciate it very much. I hope you are having a great day my friend!
Love your "about me" section, Warren - definitely stands out from the crowd. Thanks for stopping by the forum and commenting on my blog commenting question. I'd love to hear your expanded opinion on the subject. Best, Ana
Hello Warren: Thanks for accepting my friends request on Better Networker. It’s a great website to meet like minded people who want to become successful. Feel Free To Check Out My Profile. Looking forward to chatting with you. Sincerely, John Finke
Hi Warren, I can't believe all the conversations we have had and I haven't even made my pitch on your guest book yet lol. I enjoy your take on things - keep up the good work. Dean.
Hey, thanks again for your friendship Warren... I think just preparing each week to have some personal tasks, and business related tasks done... so that I can honestly say that I am getting my goals accomplished... even if short-term... it has been a big help. This is my first time trying a rotating accountability program like this... so I apoligize if I haven't been of the most value to you... but anything you need from me.. or even if you just need a friend to talk to. I'm here. Have a good turkey day! Your Friend -Neil
Hi Warren, Thanks for being my friend and for the help you've given me in the forum.
Warren, Have a productive day! Has it started cooling off out your way? We've had some cool mornings, not much more than that.
Warren... Thank you!! for being a great friend... Anything you need from me.. I will do my best to make any contribution I can... Thanks again! -Neil
Tami Ross wrote
Warren! Thanks for looking me up on facebook! Yes it is amazing the connections we can make. Looking forward to networking with you!
Hi Warren, thank you for sharing my comment on your blog. I like the way you write. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work. Best wishes Kevin Joubert
HI Warren, I have just upgraded your membership. Enjoy! Erica
Not sure what the deal is but send me an email at joneskennyerica@gmail.com and I'll send the link to you there. Cheers!
Hey Warren! Happy to have you as a tester and a member on our site... I can't seem to send you a message in here with the link though... it says that I can't contact you. Is it something in my settings or yours? Erica
Hi Warren, I appreciated your insight to my forum post! I tried to send you a private message but I got denied, so this was the next best thing. I would be interested in hearing about the company you affiliate yourself with - send me a message if you can. Cassia
hey Adam, thanks so much for your comment on my first video :) I needed to hear some words of encouragement. have a great day Cassie
Warren, Looks like this humble group of people before thought it was a great idea to send you some copy and paste post. Not me! Good to connect with you. I appreciate your commons and insights about your dad!
Hi Warren, Thanks for adding me to your contacts. Welcome to My Network of over 1,400 friends here on BN! I am the president of a small marketing firm that provides website development & marketing to small and medium size local companies. If you would like to share marketing ideas or have a need for our services don’t hesitate to contact. Please visit our profile to learn more about who I am and take a moment to read some of the great articles I have posted. At the very least you will find them to be a very entertaining read. Our tip to all who are looking for success via network marketing opportunities. If the majority of your prospects are unlikely to succeed then neither will you nor the opportunity for that matter! A strong program makes it easy for you and your prospects to succeed while providing everyone with an easy product/service to sell. The easiest product/service to sell in a network marketing business is one that has a wide demographic of an audience with a growing demand for the product or service. You can find one that excels in both of these areas at MarketingExperts.ws Make sure to spend a little time researching and weighing all the programs online before making a commitment! Have a Great Day, Cliff Covill CNA Global Enterprises, LLC Website Development & Marketing Expert cs_cnaglobal@comcast.net www.MarketingExperts.ws
Hello Warren: Thanks for accepting my friends request on Better Networker. Feel free to check out my profile. What kind of help do you need in building your business? Looking forward to getting to know you better. Sincerely Lawrence Bergfeld
Warren, follow these steps to turn on Private Messaging Below is a step-by-step guide to "How to Set Up Private Messaging on BetterNetworker." 1. click FORUMS on top menu bar 2.click USER CONTROL PANEL 3.click BOARD PREFERENCES 4. change everything to YES (except, maybe, HIDE MY ONLINE STATUS... but that's your choice) 5. update the other information 6. click SUBMIT 7. get ready to rumble!
Hi Warren, Garry Worger, from Canada here. Thanks for being my “friend” on BetterNetworker... a super resource for those “working” MLM. I’ve been surprised and touched by the level of caring, concern, and assistance I’ve found here. My "mission" is to give back that support. I’ve been in the industry 35 years; it has been a slow learning experience! Truthfully, though, I have learned MORE, lately, working with people on BN, than in the previous 3.5 decades! Listen, Warren, no matter how our BN connection works out, you should know I'm here to help... as you need or want. I work closely with a team committed to helping others succeed. It’s so important to have an experienced mastermind group surrounding you at all times, isn’t it? By the way, here’s the team’s philosophy: “If It’s Worth Knowing… It Should Be Free to All!” Got questions? Ideas to discuss? Feel free to contact me, best done through Private Messages. Not sure how? Ask me, and I’ll send a draft of my “How To Use BN” ebook which details (among other things) “How To Use Private Messages”. What do you enjoy doing for fun Warren? Have you done a lot of traveling? Have you got some amazing pictures of Texas ? I travelled through Texas with my family on the way to Florida, and we spent some great time at the Space Center in Houston. I also spent a week in Northern Texas at an Air Force base. What I remember is the great huevos rancheros I had for breakfast every day! Visit my profile and take a peek at my new grandson! There, I have some exceptional no-cost links that define the truth of “Why 98% Are Failing In The Industry And What Can Be Done About It”. Some of the most valuable MLM resources to ever come across the table. Help yourself Warren! Warmest regards, Garry Worger (+1) 403 604 8407 p.s. Warren, given your invitation, I would be excited to connect with you as a “travel companion” journeying together along the MLM Success Path.