"If you want a thing bad enough to go out and fight for it, to work day and night for it, to give up your time, your peace, and your sleep for it. If all that y via BetterNetworker


I LOVE to learn. I love to read and be inspired. I love to listen to music. I love to go to musicals and plays. I enjoy the weekends most because I am with my daughter.

Take care of my daughter,Melanie who is physically handicapped. I am a single mom at home. Network, social marketing, and internet marketing is my present primary business.

Favorite Authors:
Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich Dr. Robert Anthony, Betting on yourself Pastor Melissa Scott Paul the Father of Christianity Joyce Meyers Battlefield of Mind Shakespeare Dr.Russell Cromwell Acres of Diamonds Toni Robbins Tim Sales

Therese Catanzano

Professional, Mentor, Teacher and Network Marketer
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Thank you for visiting me on my Betternetworker profile page. I have a beautiful daughter, Melanie and a very large family.

My Passion is to teach, learn, network marketing and teach free no cost strategies to get you RESULTS. The Internet can be a confusing place with incredible amount of information. There are people coming online and Internet marketers are getting frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. There is a lot of misinformation, conflicting information,products and systems be launched everyday. As a newbie, network marker, or online(internet marketer), its hard to make sense of it all. . I have been in this business long enough. There is alot of teaching and/or information that is not focused on the network marketer best interest.
I want you to learn how to retire from your job and earn a full time income, but there is a catch, you need to learn Attraction Marketing and learn how to build relationship with others. Would it be alright if I send you 7 FREE videos by Mike Dillard, "Father of Attraction Marketing" One of the best books I have read on the Law of Attraction/Attraction Marketing.

Please click here to get your FREE E-Videos: http://Therese1.magneticsponsoringonline.com/

I am in a 5 pillar company and I AM NOT A PROSPECT!

We all know in this economy, you cannot rely on a job. I know for 20 years I worked really hard as a registered nurse. But I figured out a way to retire and stop working 5 years earlier to be with my daughter.
There is an old saying to get results you need to stop wasting your time and money and start focusing on your business. There's another old saying I like "Give without want"; and I truly believe this type of mindset is what is truly going to give you success. There are two types of marketers, those who are serious and those who market as a hobby. If you are serious about building your business, read my articles, get some value and take action with them. Before you join any company, Learn How to Market , there is a ocean full of knowledge on this platform. Learn the skills, focus and be persistent, committed, and consistent. Take care, Eat healthy while on your computer, and God Bless.

Explode Your Income and Home Base Business With FREE 21th Century Marketing Techniques. To learn more visit my websites. Learn Attraction Marketing Concepts first and then start building Relationships. Once you learn a skill or strategy, put it into action and continue to be a student, once you are comfortable, then find a 5 pillar company, or a niche that is for you.

To Your Success

Therese Catanzano


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Thanks for being a friend on the BN. I do look forward to your thoughts and articles of inspirations.
Hi Therese, Nice to meet you, thanks for connecting with me. I am actually new to site so its nice to have a nice welcoming. I saw all the activities you are into, God Bless your soul :) I wish to hear from you soon, I am a relationship marketer, if I can teach you something-it would be my pleasure. Talk to you later! Ana
Hi Therese, Thanks for the friendship. It’s amazing! I meet great people on Better Networker everyday. Most people that I meet are here to network. Obviously you’re here some the same reason. Everybody says that they learned How To Get "Staying Power" when they have figured out what is their real "WHY". Sincerely Lawrence Bergfeld
Hey there Therese! Thank you for the friend request and of course I'm happy to accept! I see you we're a nurse? My wife has been one for 6 years. And I'm very happy to her that you are in remission! Looking forward to learning more about and enjoying your contribution here at BN. Much Success, Anthony
Comment by TherseCat1
Thank you Anthony,Seeing we are in same industry, I look forward to your comments and value you have to give. Welcome to BN.
Hello from Wisconsin! Thank you Therese for accepting me as your friend. I wish you much success! Debbie Raiman
Comment by TherseCat1
Hi Debbie, It is plesure to meet you. If you need any help with your business,let me know. Look forward to your posts.
Hello, Therese! There are lots of supportive people here who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. I hope you enjoy interacting with the BetterNetworkers! :-D
Comment by TherseCat1
Hey Lyn, I love this site because it has such wonderful content and provides so much value. I love interacting on BN. :)
Hi Therese, Wow! Massachusetts...is it cold there yet? Seen any snow? I am in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia near Virginia Beach. I am here to help. Please contact me any time. Your Friend For Life, Dianne
Comment by TherseCat1
Oh it is so cold in the high teens, low twenties and typing on the computer is freezing. I wish I was in Va Beach. Thank you