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Digital marketing, creative design, arts, music production, writing books, reading lots of books and networking

I like meeting people, especially artists, entrepreneurs and see what they are doing. I like traveling around the world where it's rich, full of exotic Islands, lifestyle. I like attractive, beautiful things. Most of all, what gives me great joy is creating things and seeing what I create gives other ideas, hope, and most of all a difference when they implement.

Favorite Authors:
Napolean Hill, John. C. Maxwell, Muriel James And Dorthy Jongeward, Wallace Of Science Of Getting Rich, David J. Schwartz of Magic Of Thinking Big.

Favorite Quotes:
“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~G.B. Shaw

Adam Taha

Marketing Coach and Mentor
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Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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About Me

Do You Know Why Your Website
Isn't A Sales Money Making Machine?

Are you sick and tired of chasing prospects and spending so much time on people who won't buy?

Do you know why your website isn't a sales machine and know how to fix it?

I come from the music background. I found it frustrating to generate customers coming to the gigs and selling my music. So I went looking for answers to one day, put an album together and market it without any record label telling me how to do it.

Invested in marketing and sales knowledge which helped me to design, build and customize web pages, landing pages, for any business, industry, product. Check out the gallery of work >>>>>> >>>>>>

Now you get to understand level I am at. I don't buy systems. I design them and my team builds them. This takes specialised skill, knowledge and understanding that 97% of Networkers don't invest in as it\s time consuming. It cost a lot of money to learn these hands on specialised skills.

You can see live examples below:

WordPress Made Simple Website

See it's killer course page

OMG WordPress Fix Website

I studied different models i.e. network marketing, affiliate marketing and succeeded in them but my heart is not in these but music creating my own stuff. In Network Marketing MLM you have a problem.

  1. It's not your own business.
  2. You don't own the company.
  3. It's not your products and service.
  4. You don't own their websites.
  5. You can't change their policy.
  6. Some even limit the way you market yourself.
  7. They can take the business and everything away from you.

15 years went by and as I learnt about marketing and sales, and internet marketing. I began building my own marketing website system, which is ongoing. As I did - people saw what I was doing with mentoring and coaching others to do the same.

So I'm doing great, money isn't a problem and I choose who to mentor, coach as clients.

Just a few examples below:

WordPress Made Simple Website
I designed did the market research, test and measured, then developed the strategy, marketing plan, copywriting, all the designs for web pages you see, including sales letter, landing pages, ebook, the sales process. I mentored and coaching client from initial beginning stage to the end. It's launching soon.

See it's killer course page

The client (Wayne Hatter) built the site from my web designs.

OMG WordPress Fix Website
Again, the same process as above. The client loved the other work I did for his site, he wanted another and we started working together on projects. This was a site where he can use his talents to fix marketers WordPress websites.
Client needed help in designing and building a website to get a job. I developed her purpose, core values, strategy, marketing plan,all the web pages, and did all the copywriting for many of the pages.

Then Wayne Hatter builds and customizes the websites to function.
These are just a few of many websites and clients I am working with but only the serious, and those of budget to hire someone like me, and who I feel are teachable, coachable to work with.

As you can see, I have the experience, skills and team but I'm not for everyone. I don't work on low budget work and nor do I mentor people looking for a free ride. I take my work very seriously and expect same from clients too.

For low budget, or for knowledge only, people buy my books and magazines. However, for working with me, I have a process and values.

The process in contacting me and what to expect is simple:

  • Tell me what help you need. What the problem is.
  • You'll receive 20 questions or more to answer. Some personal, some about your expertise, knowledge, goals etc.
  • If these questions are not answered in one week, I don't give my time, service. It tells me you're not serious. Simple.
  • I look at your answers and I may need to talk on skype. I may need to ask more questions.
  • If I feel to work with you, then great. I let you know your options on what is available.
  • The rest is for you to choose and we begin.

There will be no answers to questions about strategy, marketing etc, until this process is done.

I do answer questions in forums but it's not the same way of getting detailed answers, help, mentoring, coaching, specific knowledge.

You will find me in the Betternetworker forum. I am one of the moderators here,

However, please note - don't contact me if you haven't the financial means, commitment and integrity to follow through. Nor send me messages about opportunities.

I got enough imagination, specialised skills, experiences, resources, team to create my own products, own systems, and anything I desire. I don't need help and I don't need anyone sending me messages on opportunities, business opportunities etc.

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Member Reviews

A G-e-n-i-u-s by Anonymous

Plain and simple. Adam is by far one of the most knowledgeable leaders you'll find in any industry. The amount of value he gives is out of this world.

Awesome Leader by Vicki Berry

Adam has always stood out as an honest and helpful guy who shares his extensive knowledge willingly. He is a true leader, leading by example, and always with a positive attitude.

Adam knows what he's talking about. by David Veras

I remember the day I met this guy, I was a lonely post on a forum looking for answers and it seemed like I was going to stay that way. I didn't know if I was ever going to have my question answered.

Those With Open Ears, Hearts and Minds Will Gain Enormous Knowledge by Richard Bravo

Adam is one of these people that I'm sure has a twinkle in their eye all the time when you meet them. I haven't met him in "real" life yet, but I'm sure that's how it is.

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Don Egnor wrote
Hi Adam, Just wanted to stop in and say hey my friend. I appreciate your contributions and feel honored to have you in my network here on Better Networker. I want to wish you the very best in 2011 and beyond.
Comment by thedarkroom
Thanks Don. Though a very late reply but thanks a lot mate. You too.
Hey Adam, Thanks for the connection. Looking forward to learning more from you. Vince
Comment by thedarkroom
My pleasure Vince.
Adam, It's been a pleasure learning from you in this awesome community over the past 18 months or so. I look forward to all the knowledge you will continue to pass in my direction. Thanks for being you!
Comment by thedarkroom
Hey John, great to hear from you. There's more to come and lots of exciting training too. Thanks for your kind words.
Hi Adam, I am new to BetterNetworker and I have enjoyed many of your responses in the forums. You demonstrate leadership and genuine kindness when posting in the forums. Because of leaders such as yourself I feel very welcomed here. Appreciation from the Heart, Richard De Haven
Comment by thedarkroom
Thanks Richard. Your words are welcomed an much appreciated.
Being that I am new here I would love any advice you have on how to really make a difference for people in the community... I look forward to connecting! Mia
Comment by thedarkroom
Hi Mia. Great to have you on Betternetworker community. Looking forward too connecting.
Salutations Adam! I love the value you provide on here :) Just wanted to come by & show you some Love! Peace.Love.Prosperity
Comment by thedarkroom
Thanks for dropping by. Salutions to you too.
Hi Adam, Great bio. It's so wonderful to be able to realize our dreams, isn't it? I enjoy reading what you write.
Comment by thedarkroom
Hi Susanna, yes it is. It's awesome even though it took longer than I thought it would.
Looking sharp Mr Taha! You really have the raised the bar for the rest of us now.
Comment by thedarkroom
Thanks Dean!
Don Evans wrote
Hey Adam, just read your article about how to make money in attraction marketing, and just had to connect. good stuff
Comment by thedarkroom
Great. Always love connecting with people. Cheers.
Thanks for the pizza offer - does it come with a money back guarantee if it doesn't arrive hot? ;)
Comment by thedarkroom
No because I'll send one for free lol
Hey Adam, Thanks so much for the words of encouragement :) your videos are great....especially the one "who else wants to know how to use social media..." made me giggle at the start. have a great day Cassie
Comment by thedarkroom
My pleasure mate. Great video by the way. Loved it!
Hi Adam, thanks for adding me to your network of colleagues, I saw some of your training videos you created so thank you for those. Enjoy the rest of the week. Gigi
Comment by thedarkroom
Hi Gigi, leave a comment on your profile. Great to see you on BN. Thanks.
Howdy Adam, Do you know what happened with the ability to invite new people to join BNW via the Badge and inserting our link...? I can't locate it since the last site update. Thanks, as always, for your help. Rabb
Comment by thedarkroom
Hi Rabb, they are still updating quiet a few things. Best way is click on edit profile, look at bottom of the box and u see link
Adam - Thanks again for your contribution to the Build A Magnetic Network show and of course, this community! Let's talk soon to see how I can help YOU! Jerry
Comment by thedarkroom
Cheers Jerry. It was a pleasure. Help? Don't know about help, doing fine. Great actually. But we can network and chat.
Dude, for a failed rugby player you do some pretty swish video work :) I like what you did for Jerry's intro. After reading your resume above I am thinking Jerry should be interviewing you too! Looking forward to seeing your site launch. Dean.
Comment by thedarkroom
Thanks mate. Aye, will definitely let you know when it's launched. Thanks.
rc rc wrote
Hey Adam I am please to get into your circle of friends. Your contributions are very impressive. I am quite new in this site and learning lots. Look forward to more contacts with you. All the best to you Rachel Cormier Mission BC Canada
Comment by thedarkroom
Hey Rachel, how you doing mate. Thank you for your kind words. Definitely looking forward to know you too. To the top mate.
Hi Adam, Please accept my belated thanks for your warm friendship connect. I enjoyed reading many of your posts, and look forward to many more mutually beneficial interactions. Meantime Adam please stay touch and stay well! Warmest Regards, Humph
Comment by thedarkroom
Hiya doing Humph. Thank for your cool message. Will do. Thanks.
Hey Adam, Waseem here from the UK, and yep to nice more of fellow UK networkers around.... ?
Comment by thedarkroom
Hi Waseem. Cheers mate. Hope to meet more of them. Check yah laters.
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Kelly Cockerham Http://
Comment by thedarkroom
Thanks Kelly. Hopefully I'll read articles of yours. Thanks for visiting my profile. Cheers.
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Ron
Comment by thedarkroom
My pleasure Ron. Hopefully check you out soon. Cheers.