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Rod Nichols

Primary Company:  Yoli Blast Cap Technology
Other Company:  I am a founding distributor and Triple Diamond with Yoli
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Rod Nichols has been involved in the network marketing industry since 1979, as a company founder/owner, distributor, consultant, trainer, coach, and author. His books Successful Network Marketing for the 21st Century and Would You Like to Dig In My Goldmine? were industry best sellers for several years and his latest books, The Ideal Business and The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Succes are quickly becoming must reads for anyone serious about success in network marketing. Rod has trained tens of thousands of people and is known as a “nuts and bolts” trainer. He is available to speak at conventions, conferences, regionals, or any other event requiring a dynamic outside speaker. Rod is also available to coach individuals and small teams. More information about Rod, his fees, and other great network marketing resources are available on his website at or you can e-mail him at

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Hi Rodd, thank you for your post about the industry stats on the top 64 Companies. I linked to your blog and post here on BN. Thanks!
Rod...Thanks for adding me to your circle of contacts. Have a GREAT day, Warren
Hello Pastor Rod, Just dropping by to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas! So, how's your plan to do international ministry outside the US? Hope the Philippines will be included in the future. God bless you always. Jose
Hello Pastor Rod, Thanks for accepting my friend invitation. I shall never forget your kindness. You introduced me to internet network marketing and am so grateful about it. This is what I really love doing! God bless you always. Jose
Hello Rod, Featured article impressive! How did you manage that? You have written three books, even more impressive! Have you ever read the book Success in Ten Steps? It is simply written and is a great teaching tool it will teach your down line how to run their business successfully and pass the tool on down. Take a peak at it and let me know what you think. I would appreciate someone with your experience in this business to give me some feedback. Get the book at Here's to Simpler Success Melinda Prophet 207-273-2240 anytime
Hi Rod, I am looking to network with like minded people here. Thank you for your many contributions here. Kind regards, David Allinson,
Hi Rod - thank you for the comment on my article about mentors/heroes. I had no idea that you were one of them! I am a network marketer who is currently working on a model for building a successful international business utilizing the internet...I'm convinced it can be done successfully. Once my team has some success we plan to share it - my reason? There have to be people out there in the world, who are in a situation like mine: 1)they believe 100% in their company and product(s); 2)but they are housebound by circumstances which severely limits their ability to do meetings, prospect, etc. - I'm a caregiver for my mother-in-law; and 3)have limited financial resources at the get-go. The model we're working on addresses all these and we're hoping for success. I'm so glad there is such an opportunity in business as network is an equalizer. - Linda Smith (LindaBusiness3)
Hey Rod, I appreciate what you do for our industry Rod. Thanks for sharing and sharing and sharing!! Let's make it a goal to help as many people as we can to become Better Networkers and reach their dreams. To start our new friendship on the right foot, I wanted to give you (actually, anyone can have it)my 114 prospecting manual, "Over 250 Ways to Find New Prospects," FREE. Nick Hetcher (Zany Newscasts for Networkers)
Comment by rod
Thanks, Nick. I'll check it out!