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Outdoors, fishing, motorcycle riding, being with my family as much as I possibly can, helping others become succesful in business and in their personal lives.

Favorite Authors:
Robert Kiyosaki, Dan Kennedy, Napolean Hill, John C. Maxwell

Favorite Quotes:
"Just Do It!" Nike "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it is called the present" Turtle from Kung Fu Panda ;-) Yeah, I know, I watch way too much cartoons! LOL!

Pablo Gonzalez

Entrepreneur, Motivator, Leader (Not in that specific order) ;-)
Company:  MyLeadSystemPRO
Industry:  Financial Services
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Being involved in the “Work From Home” boom of entrepreneurs, I learned the hard way how to build your very own business, whether online or actual “Brick and Mortar”. The life blood of any business is, without a doubt, is marketing. Something I knew nothing about when I got involved with an MLM company.

So obviously, I had no choice. I’d have to learn an entirely new subject in order to start my career as a marketing expert or fail like the 97% of network marketers. And my WHY was strong enough to allow me to make the right decision, not only for myself, but for my family.

I tell you what, it’s been the greatest accomplishment I’ve had besides becoming a DAD, which is something I am really passionate about. My son is my WHY, the reason I get up everyday and do what I do.

Several opportunities later, I am now creating a team of 3% leaders in what, in my opinion, is the best online opportunity available to any serious entrepreneur.

Now, my passion is helping new entrepreneurs create an online business that allows them to generate 5 to 6 figure monthly incomes from the convenience of their homes or wherever they choose to operate their business.

My personality makes it easy for people to love to work with me directly, allowing me to personally mentor these new entrepreneurs on the exact same strategies I use to become successful.

If you’re looking for a mentor to guide to through the process of becoming a 5 to 6 figure earner, then you’ve come to the right place.

Talk to you soon!


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My Location:  Raleigh, North Carolina
United States

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Hi Pablo, you are a great leader, I enjoy your postings! To your massive success Volker
Comment by pablo1304
Thank you Volker. I really appreciate your friendship and leadership. :-)
Hi Pablo, Thanks for accepting my friend request on Better Networker. It is nice to meet you. The baby looks really cute!! Feel free to read about me on my profile. I am looking forward to getting to know you and share ideas with you. Sincerely Lawrence Bergfeld
Hi Pablo, Thanks for adding me as a friend here on BN! Whatever business you are trying to build, I can show you how to build it BIGGER... How to do it 4x Faster than the Average Marketer and not waste time sifting and sorting through the JUNK on the Internet... How to Make it Extremely Lucrative to give your family everything they every dreamed of... And Set it Up to Run on Auto-pilot so you can eventually work only a couple hours a day! Feel free to send me a personal message here on BN if you'd like some assistance in marketing... I'm here to help others succeed :) To your massive success, Claire Galea P.S. Feel free to check out some awesome training I put up on my blog at
Thank you, my friend! It's great to be here amongst so many talented individuals! And you are absolutely right! There is so much information to be gained here! I'm very excited! Thank you, once again Pablo, for you friendship, mentorship, guidance, and ongoing encouragement. It means the world to me, my friend!
Hi Pablo! Great to see you here on Better Networker! Great minds need to stick together and Better Networker is a great place to do just that. Give me a shout if you ever need anything. I've got some great freebies that you are welcome to and it will shed some welcomed light on the industry in general. Take care and chat with you soon! ~Sabrina 360-665-0183 anytime