Helping other people make money but more importantly, I enjoy seeing others succeed. Networking, soccer, art, piano and guitar. Health and wellness! Oh and of course WINE. I used to work in the wine industry in Napa and am especially fond of of the wineries that have vineyards in Pope Valley (St. Supery) but I have too many favorites to choose: Beaucanon, Cakebread, Stags Leap and Sterling are all favorites.

My favorite activity is being a dad and raising my daughter to be the best person she can be.

Favorite Authors:
Tagore, Neruda and for fun, Terry Pratchett

Favorite Quotes:
-The most powerful instrument we have in our hands is the power of our mind. -People who learn more earn more. - Like an archer who wounds at random is he who hires a fool or any passer-by. - Questions are the answer. - The fortune is in the follow up. - Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill ... They wanted a hole. - You can say all of the wrong things to the "right" person and they'll still join your business …and you can say all of the right things to the "wrong" person and they'll never join your business.

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Doing The Impossible With The Improbable
Company:  GCA
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Ahhh...the joys of network marketing.  Your upline tells you to build a list of friends and family, then you, call those people, invite them to a meeting/webinar/three way call, and bug....uh, I mean sell them.  Cycle, rinse and repeat.  Isn't this fun?

NOT!  In today's hyperspeed internet world, these dinosaur tactics simply do not work well anymore.  Sure, that personal touch has it's place but my team and I prefer to work on attracting people to us rather than chasing people down.  Work smarter, not harder.

Briefly I am a recovered marketer; looking for running buddies to work together on building a network; interested in JV opportunities; open to all inquiries and requests.

Looking forward to connecting with you all.


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Welcome and thanks for stopping by.

Are there any other recovering marketers out there?  ;-)

rc rc wrote
Hi Eddie Welcome to Better Network - you will find here an active site of friendly and helpful people who like to support each other as we achieve our dreams and goals. I am benefiting a lot from my Mentoring for Free association. Learning a lot that I like to share. Should you be interested. Check us out. No obligation. All the best to you. Rachel Cormier Mission BC Canada
Hello Eddie: Thanks for accepting my friends request on Better Networker. The people who tell you to make a list of friends and family are the biggest trouble makers on earth. Its painful enough when a good old aquaintance asks about your business and you shoot off a video to that person instead of answering their questions and letting them get back to you. And the sad part of it, even that mistake lasts for too many weeks. Lawrence Bergfeld
Hi Eddie, welcome to the site and I am sure you will find some great running buddies, lets hope they all run the same way lol...Have a great weekend.