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Favorite Authors:
Napoleon Hill, Robert Collier, Brendon Burchard, Mark Sanborn, Paul Zane Pilzer, Rhonda Byrn, Jack Canfield, James Redfield, many many authors! Love to read.

Favorite Quotes:
As it is within, it is without. As it is above, it is below. We create the world we live in.

Linda Christiano

Professional Internet / Network Marketer
Company:  Building2Millions.blogspot.com
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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I am a 30+ year veteran of marketing - I am a 5+ network marketer - I am a new internet marketer.

I believe I am one of the ones that learned the hard way!  I learned that it is NOT enough to have just a product - all products are great if you believe in them and they help!  I have learned that the PROCESS along with the product is what really makes your business grow!  What are people interested in?  What do they want?  Once you have that - then find a process (a PROCESS) that will help them tie it all together - which includes training.  You can make money on your product or service - but you can also make money with the PROCESS.  This has been a real awakening for me.  AND it has made all the difference.

When I got really serious - I hired a coach!  Cost some money - but, I learned so much.  I have learned great systems - I have much more to learn - but that is the exciting thing about internet marketing - it changes and grows and becomes this massive electrifying info highway that just keeps giving and giving.  I have learned to love this business! 

I love sitting around in my jeans - I have a pair that has holes in the knees, butt, pockets!  But I love them!.  I love picking up the phone and personally talking to friends and acquaintances - or hopping on the internet highway and making new friends.

I also love making money and have ever since I got into the marketing business.  I love helping others, too.

I am married, my husband and I have 10 children (includes our children's spouses), and we have 12 grandchildren (includes grandchildren's spouses).

I am a Kiwanian (International service organization).  I believe if everyone gave back some of their time to their community, we would all live in better places.  Especially I believe that our nurturing and support of our youth is critical more today than ever.  Whether they are our children or the ones down the street, or the ones in other countries, we must touch their lives in positive ways - they are the ones that will carry the burdens of our errors.

I am the owner of a small estate planning/financial planning company.  I also serve through Prepaid Legal (www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/lindachristiano).   I also have a site where you can email me - www.building2millions.com and I can get information to you.  Please feel free to visit!

It is my wish that I can contribute to your life as I learn from you.  And that by doing so, each of our lives are better and we can pass on our growth to others.  I believe we can make a difference in this world - and if it is ever to happen, it will be by the efforts of this magnificent internet highway that can wrap around the world in seconds and change the world in minutes!

There is no bull here - only eagerness to grow and share.

If you are looking to learn what I have learned, then I am as eager to share and learn what you have learned. Together we all grow.

Linda D Christiano






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Hello - Thank you for your interest. My hope is to help grow others as they help grow me.

Hi Linda, I like what you say about helping the youth of today. It is so important to give back. Welcome to BN and hope to get to get to know you better. I am new here at BN and finding so many people willing to give information. Take Care, Judy
Hello Linda I'm a fellow Better Networker member and I wonder if you would do me a favour. I have built a couple of Squidoo Lens and I want as many people as possible to go into them and spend a few minutes there before coming out. This is nothing nasty - I'm just trying to get up the rankings. I would be really grateful if you would do this, and maybe forward my message on to any of your contacts. Here are the links: http://www.squidoo.com/lifestylechoices www.squidoo.com/cheaperbills1 If I can ever return a favour, please just ask! Best Wishes Allison
Comment by lindachristiano
Hi Allison. Great site - I did "poke" in there! Good Job!!
Hi Linda, Thanks for the Friend Request. You seem like a lovely person. Its nice to be contacted by you. I hope we can connect on a more personal basis. Carl
Comment by lindachristiano
Hi Carl. Thanks. I don't visit site often enough, will start!!
Hello, Linda! Just a quick note to welcome you... there are lots of supportive people here who are willing to share their wealth of information and years of experience so have fun looking around and getting to know the BetterNetworkers :-)
Comment by lindachristiano
Hi Lyn. I have come a long ways since I started. Love it! Thanks for your kindness
Thanks for reaching out and connecting. I look forward to us helping each other in our endeavors.
Hello Linda, Thank you for the friend connection, I look forward to learning from your years of marketing experience. I have always found marketing very fascinating. Tom
Thanks for connecting Linda! I'm sure we can learn a lot from one another and mutually benefit from our new relationship! Hit me up anytime! -Adam
Comment by lindachristiano
Thank You, Adam. I am looking forward to the "real" and leave the chatting for others. Let's talk anytime! - Linda
Welcome Linda, it's nice to meet you and have you join BN. I'm sure you will find it to be a wonderful source of information and nice place to make friends. You have quite the large family! Enjoy! Your friend, Lynn
Comment by lindachristiano
Hi Lynn - thanks - I am looking forward to learning from everyone! I am an info sponge! Yes, large family and love it! THanks
Hello Linda, Thank you for the connection. You seem to have a wonderful family. Im sure Christmas Dinners are very eventful! HA~ I agree with you 100% about community association and I look forward to learning from you. Welcome to the BN~ Mike
Comment by lindachristiano
Hi Michael - THanks - I'm excited about learning from you, too! I'm a sponge for info!