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My interests include creating websites and cooking - not at the same time :-) (my daughter finally convinced me to try new recipes and I'm having so much fun with that).

Favorite Quotes:
"If you care at all,you'll get some results. If you care enough, you'll get incredible results." - Jim Rohn "Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down." - Oprah Winfrey "It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." - Napoleon Hill

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Lana Robinson

Helping Others Find Success Through The Power of the Internet and Network Marketing
Primary Company:  Global Domains International, Inc
Company 2:  Arbonne International
Company 3:  Infinity Downline
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hello, my name is Lana Robinson.  I'd never seen myself as being a home business owner much less someone that sells lipstick and lotions or that did any sort of online Internet network marketing.  I graduated as Salutatorian of my high school class and then attended college (and dropped out due to financial reasons), then got married to my high school sweetheart,  4 years later we had two children.  My life consisted of being a wife and mother and an employee.  And I was loving every minute of it.

I didn't know any better!

I've worked as a photography studio appointment setter, a bank teller, a new accounts specialist (WTF???), and an Item Processing Supervisor.  I've been in Accounts Payable and was responsible for a company wide systems conversion.  I've worked as a customer service rep for a publishing firm and as a customer service rep for a help-desk providing support to billing software.  I've traveled all over the United States training company employees on healthcare services billing software and I've held a positions in Quality Assurance and Systems Design.  No J.O.B. ever really made me feel fulfilled. 

One thing you should know about me is that I grew up as an 'Army Brat', and in my family failure was not an option.  My father told me that if something was worth doing it was worth doing right the first time.  He drilled into my head that if I was going to do something... anything... that I should give it all I've got.  Failure was not an option - not for an officer's kid!  So, I went to work.  And I worked really hard.

Funny thing about that working part of my day.  I didn't want to.

Now, I'm not saying I don't want to work.  The work isn't what bothered me.  It was the fact that I was no better off financially approaching the age of 40 than I was when I first started working at age 16.  I was stuck in the rat race and I wanted out.  My first exposure to a home based business was during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  I live in Central Alabama (a long way from New Orleans... but we still got hit pretty hard for being so far way).... we had a lot of trees down and our power was out for 4 days because one of the trees in the front yard was blown down by the straight-line winds and fell onto the power line going from the pole to the house.  My husband (the one in the picture below wearing the yellow shirt) and I knew that we were 'last on the list' because we were just one house, and the Alabama Power representative was not shy about telling us the same thing as he drove by assessing the damage.  The power company had entire neighborhoods to restore, and we knew we had to 'suck it up' and wait it out.  However, good news!  We found out that not everyone in our community was hit by the high winds that blew through our area.  Some people actually had electricity!!!


Can you say "opportunity for air conditioning"?

Yep, I had been invited to a 'home party' presentation... the way I looked at it was that they had electricity and air conditioning (it gets really HOT in the South in August!).  I went to the presentation and explored my options.  Yes, I was able to take a shower because we have gas hot water.  Showered and ready to go... I headed out the door.  :-)

I explored my options... the next thing I knew, I was a home based business owner.  I did all the usual stuff like making my 100 names list, talking to everyone I came in contact with about my business, bothering friends and family, doing home presentations in my own home (with zero guests because nobody wanted to do one at their house), passing out business cards like they were FREE.  I eventually paid 6 arms and 3 legs for those so-called "targeted leads" and ran up my phone bill with long distance calls on  'less than targeted' prospects.  I was totally discouraged... and I was broke.  I was out of business before I could even get started.  My upline disappeared and my small downline was disappearing just as quickly.

I started looking for alternative methods to grow my business.  I knew that this whole 'home based business' thing could and WOULD work.  I just needed to figure out how it was all done!

That's when I found Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring course.

I was working for a major life insurance company in their IT department as a Business Systems Analyst when I ordered Mike's Magnetic Sponsoring book.  Why is that important?  Well... because that company downsized 130 people the week before Christmas.  And by downsized... I mean that 130 people were escorted out of the building by security guards.  Yep. The week before Christmas.  That was my wake-up call.  Some of the people that were let go had been with the company for almost 20 years and others were just a few months away from retirement.  The president of the company still took his $1 Million Dollar bonus that year, too.  I was furious.  For the first time, it occurred to me that no job is safe and that I was responsible for my financial future - not the company that I had dedicated so much of my life to.  I mean, here I was working 40 to 60 hours per week for someone else and all I could think about was whether or not I was next on the chopping block. 

I decided that enough was enough.

Sure, layoffs happen.  But you know what I realized?  I realized that it was me, and only me, that decided to work for that company.  I was the one that made the choice to work 40 to 60 hours a week for someone else.  I was the one that accepted my boss telling me to "suck it up and take some Motrin" when I wasn't feeling well and had to stay and finish up someone else's project that was on vacation (I later found that I had walking pneumonia and had potentially infected 2,500 co-workers during that 3 weeks of "sucking it up and taking Motrin".)  I made the choice to never have to go through that again.  It was my responsibility.  I re-read Mike's Magnetic Sponsoring book ('cause I had a lot of time on my hands...), and I read it again and again and again.  I implemented what I learned and then it happened - I started generating my own leads and enrolling people into my business!  I know that I have A LOT more to learn; however, every day is a new day, right?

I'm finally having FUN in my home business and sponsoring more people that I thought was possible for one person with a laptop and a DSL connection. The most exciting part is that most people join my business before they even talk to me.  That's pretty exciting - and "magnetic" I think.  I have finally found something that I am so proud to be a part of.  The company that I started my home business with has really strict rules about online marketing, and I have found that Mike Dillard's approach gives me more leads than I ever thought I could generate under their guidelines.  Yes, I still represent that company but I am not allowed to market online with them - or even put their company name anywhere online - (bummer for me!).  With that being said, I am also an affiliate marketer and I've implemented what I've learned from Mike Dillard into my online marketing efforts and have had great success. 

I'm so grateful for finding this community.

My Current Project: I'm Giving Away 100% FREE prospecting websites so my fellow network marketers can market and build THEIR primary business online.   Follow this link to learn more:

Let's call it a "Site in Progress".  Like Dad said... Failure is NOT an Option!

Thanks for reading my profile.  I wish you all the success you can stand.. and then some! 



All Work and No Play?

Not Me!  I enjoy spending time with my family, watching scary (not slasher) movies, bowling and watching the hummingbirds come to the feeders I've set out in my backyard.  Because my father was in the military, we moved around a lot during my younger days... and the same thing tends to happen to "Army Brats" as adults.  My sister lives in Arizona and my brother lives in North Carolina.  So, I like to visit them when I can!  Here's a picture of some of those hungry hummingbirds:

P.S.  If you would like to speak with me, please give me a call.  I'm here to help as much as I can... and I promise that I won't try to cross-recruit you or do anything as despicable as reverse-marketing.  My phone number is 205-919-9561 and my email address is

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Hello Lana, Great to connect with you here. The journey of learning from each other is sure to be an exciting one . - Regards, Warren Little
Hi, I am really impressed with your profile and what you are doing. I am not sure if I am doing this properly, but I have had some great success with my current program and I have been able to generate a consistent income in the past 2 months. If you take a look on my profile you will see the program that has literally set me and my familiy Free. I hope that we might be able to Network our Opportunities Together in the Future here. I Really Beleive that We are Meant to Work Together. Diane Titlowe
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Ron
Hi Lana, You have a great & inspiring story. I'd love to "talk" to you sometimes. Gwen
Lana: Great testimony! I see that the LTC "influenced you" quite a bit: "Suck it up and take Motrin",etc.... LOL The Army sure has some interesting language :)
Comment by lifeisgreat
The Motrin comment was made by my previous employer.... but the LTC also had some interesting one-liners as well :-)
Lana, Let me throw you a KISS, Keep it simple silly!! Loved your comment in the forums and felt compeled to track you down. As I live in Florida, we know about hurricaines and A?C. LOL! We also know what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, as is evident in your BIO. So the Army Brat makes good, well you go girl!! Good for you! My group would love to connect with you to share concepts, Marketing Strategies, etc. Our spokes person MK HAll, is a wiz, and she really knows her stuff. As do the men in the group, but heck Women are just better communicators!! So we hope to hook up with you in the real world in the very near future. Our Best Always. Tom Savas, Dir. Gain Consulting Group, LLC.
Comment by lifeisgreat
Thanks, Tom... good to hear from you.
Hi Lana, Thanks for the Friend Request. I look forward to getting to know you. Please let me know how I can assist you with anything or answer any questions. I am available anytime. Your Friend, Dianne
Comment by lifeisgreat
Good to hear from you Dianne. Have a great day!
Lana, What a great story you have. Thank you for congratulating me...but really, you have a profile with so much heart. I just love it. I'm glad we've had the opportunity to connect on BN. I would love to talk with you on the phone at some point soon. Deborah
Comment by lifeisgreat
Deborah, a phone call would make my day. :-)
Hey Lana! Thanks for the kind words, it's a great feeling to be featured and be able to help others in the BN community grow their skills! I love your story as well by the way! Best of all, when you mention "I'm finally having FUN in my home business!"...that's what it's all about; right :) ?! Hope to get to know you better...and if you ever need anything, just let me know! Best wishes, Adam
Comment by lifeisgreat
Thanks, Adam!
Hi there Lana, Look's like you are having great success with S.U " keep up the good work " To your Success Bruce
Comment by lifeisgreat
Thanks so much, Bruce!
Hello Lana, I see you in my connections. How are you doing? Thanks for the invite. I am pleased for the warmth of community here. Everyone is outgoing and like minded. This is a great opportunity for many new friendships. Enjoy your trips and family. Make it a great Day! I believe in you and your dreams, Michael
Hi Lana, It’s Great to be meeting like minded people here on BN! I love this community with so many Great people like you. I am constantly learning and sharing what I’ve learned to help each other along the way. I look forward to chatting with you and sharing tips and ideas. "You can achieve anything you want in life if you have the courage to dream it, the intelligence to make a realistic plan, and the will to see that plan through to the end." - Sidney A. Friedman Wishing you a Life Filled with Joy, Marcello Lisi "Live your Dreams and Enjoy Life" What NOT to do in Network Marketing - Click Here
Greetings Lana, Thank You for the friendship invitation. I look forward to seeing how we can network with each other. Let's stay in touch. Here's to Success, Prosperity and Abundance in all your endeavors in 2008, Njideka BlogTalk Radio
Hey Lana, Thanks for the response so quickly in the forums today! That was very clear and concise... I appreciate you. I hope others who thinks newbies have less to contribute here than others get set straight. I look forward to more of your valuable contributions to our community ;-) Malika P.S. You can delete the spam on your guest book with the click of a button.
Comment by lifeisgreat
You are so very welcome, Malika!
Lana - It is good to meet you! Hope we can share lots of good information.
Hello Lana. Thanks for adding me :) Look forward to sharing info with you on BN. Best regards, Philip.
Hey Lana, Keep up the good work and let's make this community even more valuable than it already is. - Jerry Chen