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Photography The wonder of creation Animals - Domestic and wildlife Exploring, delighting and enjoying the magic of life with my children Landscaping - flowers (perennials/annuals) and shrubs Reading a good historical novel on a gorgeous summer day Swimming Listening to music

Personal development, playing with my kids, creating magic in the struggle of an ant, finding the bunny in the clouds, lending a helping hand or ear to others, upgrading my computer skills, ongoing training and learning how to be the best person I can be, helping others do the same.

Favorite Authors:
Too many to mention - Max Lucado, John Kalench, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Bob Burg and John Mann, Simon T. Bailey, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Joe Vitale plus more .....

Favorite Quotes:
Brian Tracy - "You are responsible, what are you going to do about it?" This quote is not necessarily my favourite but it changed my life the most. Accepting responsibility forces you to look forward, always to the future. Blame or "it's not my fault" always keeps you in the past. We are 100% responsible for where we are by our decisions and our actions. When we accept that we can move forward.

Joyce Penner

Primary Company:  Life Force International
Other Company:  Team Inc Pro
Industry:  Health Care
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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About Me

I have this great big huge heart. Apparently. Funny how you don’t know the most important tool you have in your toolbox.

Let me backtrack for a moment. During a conversation, a mastermind session, we were challenged to verbalize the most important reason why someone would join you. Others could agree or disagree with what we contributed. My turn came and I shared a piece of what I am going to share with you later in this article. My statement was met with dead silence. Ok, tried another point. Still no response. You can imagine I’m starting to get a little uncomfortable here but bravely (or so I thought) blurted out “I can teach others how to leverage off the expertise of more experienced network marketers.” That was huge in my opinion.


I shut up. What else could I do?

Apparently, I have this great, big, huge heart and most significantly, the biggest advantage that any network marketer could bring to the table.

I was and am much more comfortable sharing what I know than accepting what that group saw in me. (I’m still a little embarrassed by it all.)

So let me show you where I believe I can help you. But first a little bit of background about me, Joyce Penner. I worked for 22 years directly in marketing, part of that time as a business owner. My clientele was diverse, all business owners, all looking for the successful keys to market their product and services. That’s where I stepped in, bringing fresh ideas, masterminding, focusing on the key problem, identifying target markets and providing solutions. The work was fun, challenging, stimulating and exactly the necessary skill set required to build a network marketing business.

I’m a firm believer that marketing is the key to your success. Let me illustrate that with a short story that Mike Dillard uses. If I dumped 2 tons of your favourite product on your driveway, would you be successful? The answer is no, your success comes from moving that product !” And that’s what marketing is. Letting people know what you offer so they can make the decision to buy or not to buy. It’s pretty simple. Pretty basic. I’ve had years of experience doing just that. That was what I thought, was my biggest asset and I can help you market your product and service as well. (Even though it’s not my biggest strength! Apparently.)

You’ve heard the term “moving someone down your sales funnel?” I absolutely mastered that. Although it was a bit easier on a person to person basis (as I could read body language), the process online is the same. Provide information as your prospect is ready for it and not before. My little girl, with physical and mental challenges, just got a new bike. It’s not your basic model with training wheels. It’s got gears and a front and back brake, no side wheels to help her with her balance. It’s a super, deluxe model and she is scared and excited at the same time. Can you imagine if I would have introduced her to all the features at one time? Confusion and fear ! She would never have even gotten on the bike. The first step was simple, ignore the gears, the brakes, the kickstand and work simply on getting her moving. I run beside her and will until she can grasp the concept that she just needs to keep pedalling and all will be well. Your prospect is no different than my beautiful little daughter. Introduce and explain step by step until the concept is grasped and then introduce the brakes and then the gears. That’s moving someone down your sales funnel.

You may be asking yourself “What’s my sales funnel? How do I set that up? Where and what do I do next?” Remember at the beginning of this article I mentioned one of my strengths is: I can teach others how to leverage off the expertise of more experienced network marketers? It is easier now than it has ever been to utilize the work other professionals have already done and you can focus on what is going to bring you in the income. I’ve found a system in Team Inc Pro that takes a prospect directly through a unique funnel. When you see the power in the funnel, decide to join it literally provides a step by step training to get you up and running within days with everything you need to build your primary business. Completely eliminates the frustration of trying to do things all on your own. Now if there was just a system in place to put bandaids on my little girl's various body parts ! Life would be easy.

Last but not least, with five different network marketing companies providing the training ground, I’ve discovered what I need within a company that is going to provide me with the income I want to attain. A ready built, personalized funnel, SEO friendly webpages, qualified mentors, powerful comp plan, solid 26 year old company, excellent products, Team Inc Pro leverage, solid business principles plus more !

You can pick up more details at http://www.joycepennerpro.com.

Joyce Penner

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Thanks for taking the time to connect with me here on BN. I enjoy meeting and talking to other like minded business owners.

Hello Joyce, How are things with you? One of the things which is really nice about Better Networker is being able to connect with like-minded people with an entrepreneurial spirit; those who go about creating their own reality. So, I thought you would be a great person to connect with, especially since I am fairly new here. I hope you have a great day! Nice meeting you. To Your Success, Monique Hawkins mentormonique@gmail.com Skype: Monique371 Be A Mentor with a Servant’s Heart
It would be a pleasure to connect with you here on Better Networker Joyce. I've added you as a friend. Thank you for your kind comments on my recent post as well. I hope that I can bring more value to the community... the same type of value that you bring... in the weeks, months, and years that come.
Comment by JoycePenner
The pleasure is all mine ! You're the chocolate sauce on top of the cone !
Congratulations Joyce!! ABN person of the Month. That's so great and so are you!! Peace, Deborah Tutnauer
Comment by JoycePenner
Thanks Deborah. Appreciate you !
Hello Joyce, Thanks for connecting with me here on betternetworker. I look forward to networking with you. Tosin http://tosinmlmexpert.com
Hi Joyce, I liked your comment in the forum thread about people who just don't get it. You said, "One thing that does work is stories. People connect with stories and they can be powerful little tools that worm the message into the heart of the people who's brains are focused elsewhere." I really like this comment because that is what it's all about. Warming the hearts of people. In return they will know you care. Thanks for sharing. Please accept my friend request. Appreciation from the Heart, Richard De Haven
Don Egnor wrote
Hi Joyce...thanks much for being my friend here, I appreciate all you do and am constantly learning from you. You are an inspiration and I love following your work. Keep it up, keep trying to help people and I wish you the very best in all you do.
Comment by JoycePenner
Thanks Don. I'm watching you ! I think you're on your way to the top!
Thanks, Joyce. Thank you for being a friend. I love to read about your articles of inspiration. You have helped me a whole lot. Keep it up!
Comment by JoycePenner
Thanks Mario. I love watching you ask questions, learn from the answers and continue to grow. You are an inspiration to me !
Hi Joyce, I've enjoyed your content and the value your provide to the community. Keep it up! I look forward to learning more from you! Stacia
Comment by JoycePenner
Thanks Stacia. I enjoy meeting people such as yourself. We are both beneficiaries of that connection !
Hi Joyce, I wanted to thank you for allowing your blog to be critiqued in WWN. I learned a lot. There is so much to consider with your Blog. I am still working on my own now. Again, I just wanted to take the time to say Thanks for the rest of us as well. Take Care, Met
Comment by JoycePenner
Having Jason critique my blog was the one of the best things! I'm making even more changes as we speak. Thanks !
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Comment by JoycePenner
Thanks for the comment Jeremy. I am leaving this up only as example for others of what NOT to do. Good luck Jeremy.
Hi Joyce. If you are going to give me a link I'd like to my blog deanmcnamara.info :) let me know where you post it. Thanks, Dean.
Comment by JoycePenner
I sure will and Thanks !
Hey, Joyce - thanks for stopping by the forum and making an insightful comment about commenting on other blogs. I am glad I am not alone on how I feel about leaving useless comments that ignore the fact that the content does not deserve it. Hope to see you around! Ana
Comment by JoycePenner
Hey Ana. Yes if you are going to contribute than it should be more than a good job comment. That's a vote only !
Hello Joyce, thank you for connecting with me. I enjoy reading your content. Wish you well. Jenn
Hey joyce, glad you liked my article, thank you for your kind reply !
It's always good to connect with a new friend, Joyce and I look forward to getting to know you. Jerry
Hi Joyce, thanks for the invite. I look forward to network with you. Make it a great day! Danny Chiquito
Hello Joyce~ So very nice to meet you here! I am looking forward to learning more about you! Take good care, ~Laurie
Thanks for the kind words and also for the connect. It would be my pleasure to have your blog link.I've been following you at BN and I like your style. To Your success, Robin Rowe
Comment by JoycePenner
Hi Robin. I added your blog link to mine and it was a pleasure to do so.
Hi Joyce, ...wonderful to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you better. Have an awesome weekend! ~Ilka ;o)
Ivan Sams wrote
Hi Joyce, Thanks for your comments.The rural areas are the place to be and with network marketing it is simple living. I have a free book that I would like to give you. It might help you and it might not but for me it is my desktop reference for networking. http://ivansams.com Your Friend Ivan