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"Thomas Jefferson was never late for anything in his lifetime"

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Jerry Lucado

Helping Ordinary People Make Money Online
Primary Company:  Global Resorts Network
Other Company:  1-2 Many
Industry:  Affiliate Marketing
Experience:  Brand New Business (0-1 years)

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I worked all my career as a Professional Manager of Manufacturing and/or Engineering.  Recently I took a forced retirement and now want to learn everything about Internet Marketing.

I was born in southern West Virginia in 1951.  I grew up in the small town of Princeton and saw all the notable times and events of the fifties and sixties.   I saw the civil rights movement, I saw Sputnik and the space race, I saw the economic boon and bust of the economy.  Times were hard, but times were also good. 

I married my wife, Debbie, in 1970 and we attended Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.  Upon graduation, I took a job with a fortune 500 company and was assigned to a large manufacturing plant in Virginia as an Industrial Engineer.  Debbie went to work in the banking industry.

Over the next 35 years, my wife and I continued to work for the same companies we began with and we chased each others’ advancing careers across central Virginia.  Today, we live at Lake Monticello, just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. 

We both have experienced first hand how things can easily change and how those changes affect one’s security and sense of well being.  I lost my plant manager’s position in 2007, moved to another plant and eventually lost my job altogether at the end of 2008.  Debbie lost her VP position shortly afterwards.  

Let ’s just say that 2008 and 2009 were not the best of times for the Manufacturing and Banking Industries.  Whew!  So much for corporate America.  We became two highly successful, unemployed, professional people.

Debbie started dabbling in MLM and Internet Marketing, looking for a solution.  She has since abandoned her efforts, left them to me, and has returned to work as a professional banker.  I inadvertently hooked up with the Blue brothers and eventually learned about Mike Dillard, Raymond Fong, and Ferny Ceballos.  Now I'm committed to learning everything I can.  I've decided that if anyone can make it online, why not me.

Today, I  have a new career in Internet Marketing.  I know my professional work experiences are valuable, especially in the areas of training, mentoring, successful marketing and proven sales success. Now, I am working with some remarkable people who are showing me so much about how one can and how one cannot make money on the Internet. I intend to dispell the myths and promote the truths about Internet Marketing.  I am meeting and becoming friends with so many fascinating people.  Follow me as I become a leader in this industry,

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My Location:  Lake Monticello, Virginia
United States

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I'm kinda new to Internet Marketing and want to learn everything about it. I think I've been living under a rock for a long time. The whole concept astounds me.

Feel free to ask for help, offer help, or just be a friend.

Hey Jerry, I saw that you are a friend of Adam Chandler and so am I. Let's connect here on BN! Rocky Vertone
Comment by jlucado
Hi Rocky, I like your name. My brother is also named Rocky (Roy Alan). Sending you a BN friend request.
Hey Jerry Thanks for passing by and leaving a message. Its a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to sharing battle strategies. Regards Dwayne
Hey Jerry, Thanks for connecting my friend.. I appreciate you reaching out. Let me know if I can help make your BN or entrepreneurial experience a more pleasent one : ) Talk soon, Adam P.S. GRN is a great business.. How long you been with them?
Hello Jerry, I see we are both in GRN, get back with me some time and we can connect on how GRN has help us out. Looking for a great year coming up helping out people with their needs toward retirement. To Your Success Robert Mergupis
Hi Jerry, thanks for accepting my friend request. Will chat with you often, when time permits. John Rodriguez
Hi Jerry! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We certainly have a lot to be thankful for! :) ~Sabrina
Comment by jlucado
Hey Sabrina, Thank you and I want to wish you a happy TurkeyDay too. We certainly do have much to be thankful for. :)
Hi Jerry! I knew what you meant. Don't you just wish there was a siren that went off before some of our comments went out? I know I makes typos more than I would like and when there is no turning back....oops! Glad to meet you. Take care and let me know if I can help you with anything. ~Sabrina 360-665-0183
I retired 10 years ago and jumped on the same horse. I must admit it's been a wild ride at times, but what a rush when it works.
Comment by jlucado
Thank you Warren for being my new friend. I like what you do.
Hi Jerry. It should be easy for someone with an engineering background to engineer some results off the internet! It is all a very similar process of measuring, testing, making a few design tweaks. And you get to work with some interesting people from around the world. All the best, Dean.
Comment by jlucado
Thanks Dean. I think I learned last night how valuable it is to be a part of this process.
Hello Jerry, I really appreciate your quote: "Thomas Jefferson was never late for anything in his lifetime", Thank you for sharing and allowing us to become friends... "SOME people want to complain, beat themselves up and blame their failures on themselves. But MOST people that download and read "Success n 10 Steps" learn WHY their lack of success is NOT their fault!"
Comment by jlucado
Hi Danny. I don't think I responded to your invitation to be a friend last night. Thanks. Yes, TJ was quite a man!
Hi Jerry, Thank you for accepting me as your new friend. Each friend represents a world within us, and it’s only by this meeting that a new world is born. This is such a great community with so many fabulous people like you. I look forward to sharing tips and ideas to help each other out along the way. Wishing You a Life Filled with Joy and Happiness, Wendell Breedlove
Comment by jlucado
Thanks for your friendship Wendell