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Marketing, Personal Development, Social Media, Money and showing others how to get it.

Master of Kung Fu and Roller Derby.

Favorite Authors:
Stephen Covey, Napolean Hill, and Dale Carnegie!

Favorite Quotes:
"Convey it, don't say it"

Jason Better

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Company:  BetterNetworker.com
Industry:  Internet
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Hey, before I tell you a little bit about myself I'd like to thank you for checking out my profile. So, thank you.

Well, you already know my name is Jason Better. Folks call me the "Better Networker" because I'm always striving to get better at what I do. But you might also know me from this site, BetterNetworker.com, because I'm kinda the brains of this whole operation too.

I'm pulling your leg!

It's actually a team operation and we have some great peeps on board. It's the happening place to be in network marketing today.

What really drives me is a passion for helping people reach their dreams of independence and 6-figure success through Network Marketing. It's not easy but it's possible as long as you hang in there.

A few personal details...

Hmmm... let's see. I like to read about marketing, selling, copywriting, psychology, personal development, wealth and more.

Some of my favorite authors are Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Robert G. Allen, But I like to kick back every once in awhile with a good mystery or suspense novel or even a movie.

I'm not a big TV Show buff because there's always something to do, but I have been known to crash for a few days and catch up on it when I need to recharge. Mostly documentaries and history stuff.

Yeah, I'm an education nut. Always learning something new, buying new books, courses, or seminars. I listen to them on my Ipod when I go for a walk and exercise is a part of my daily routine.

In fact, I practice the ancient art of Kung Fu so don't mess with me. I'm dangerous like a cobra. But I'm not all about cracking skulls. I love Roller Derby too.

Actually, when it comes down to it I'm a bit of a softie inside. But don't expect me to hold your hand... because I tell it like it is.

Okay... that's a cliche... but still.

You get the point right?

That's it for now. See you around!

Jason The "Better Networker"

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Thanks Ronald but Ill take Jasons word for it. by Anonymous

      Jason Better may not be a "real" person but who ever does fill the roll does so will top notch professionalism.

This Guy! by Jeremy Watson

He is dominating the marketing in teaching really valuable content for no cost! I just want to personally thank you, You are really a great instructor and teacher...

Peter Montgomery Reviews The Mighty Jase, (And WILL beat Josh To The Punch One Day!)! by Peter Montgomery

I Remember when I could be the first to comment on any particular post from Jase, Now you'd be lucky to get in at 14 and your very unlikely to beat Josh to the punch.

One tip made the difference... Thank you! by Adam Goldman

Hey J',

wanted to thank you for the last tip you gave me 'bout article marketing.
Utilizing your advice took me 15 minutes and I already got 4# page rank on google,
so lets make it official:

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Hello Jason, Thanks for connecting with me here on betternetworker. I look forward to networking with you. Tosin http://tosinmlmexpert.com
Kia Ora (Hello) Jason Thank you for all you do that helps everyone in this community. I appreciate all that I am learning on my Internet Marketing Journey from you. Wow .. Awesum Stuff So infomative.!! Keep It Up Jason Cheers Kim Watson 15Hr Work Week
Yo Yo Yo!!! What's up Jason. IDK if I ever signed your wall here, so I saw your name on my connections list while on my profile and decided to do so. Talk to ya soon... Mike
David Lok wrote
Hello Jason! Thanks for connecting with me. Over the weekend, I had some downtime and write a song on network marketing with the Blame It melody. (To be honest, I wrote the song a while back and made the video yesterday without knowing that today is the most depressing day of the year, haha) Many marketers find all kinds of reasons why they’re failing in their business. This is my message to them… P.S. Pardon my raspy voice. I know I’m a terrible singer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB7NsvJZ7kY
How could I not add you to my list of connections... You are Jason Better. Everything I want to be. :)
Hello from Wisconsin! Thanks for adding me. Have a great weekend! Debbie Raiman
Thanks for the connection and for the great input! Looking forward to what the future may bring. Good luck to all.
Hi Jason,I've been registered on here for a while but silly as it seems, for one reason or another I've never really made the time to soak up the knowledge.
HI JASON, this forum is really cool, i learned a lot here.
Hey Jason! did you choke on your organic margarita? just kidding... Thanks for adding me to your friends. I was wondering if you could checkout my profile and give me some suggestions on what I could do better or change...Thanks Dude you are awesome!
Thank you for adding me to your contact list. I’m looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Always remember that “Leverage” is your most powerful asset! Only the best! Your friend and partner in success, Kelly Cockerham Http://www.GrowYourCashTree.com
I thought me and you were already connected here, guess we are now. First I'd like to say that the new banner...is freakin cool as hell!! I have my sights set on that saaaame spot. (hope you know what I mean) I look forward to getting to know you more, and I've BEEN following you on Twitter....now you need to FOLLOW ME! Mike Morgan
C L wrote
Hi Jason, I just finished watching/listening to your video on the Magnetic Profile Contest Winners and it was great. I am ready to delve in and update my profile. Thanks so much and I look forward to learning more about how to grow my home business. Thanks for all you do. Courtney
I appreciate your contributions! I had my own computer busines for 19 years beginning in 1988.... Sales, service, programming....the works. I have been into home computers since the beginning. Ever since, I have felt that the home computer is the best tool to make a living and be of service to others at the same time. I will be reading your input line by line and will be contributing my knowledge as well. James Alan
Hi Jason! I loved the video you posted by Perry Belcher on Social Marketing! What a light bulb moment for me! Thanks a million! Shelly Allen
Thanks for your videos, Jason. It's great to see a community where only the successful people help each other, and not try to bump each other out. Keep up the great work. -Paul
Hi Jason! Yes, I'm ready to get the best of free training in the industry and drive free targeted traffic to my website using web 2.0 Thanks for adding me to your GUESTBOOK. And thanks a million for all your videos, blogs and articles. Vera Powell (G-Day) powe3960@bellsouth.net
Hi Jason First of all, thanks for all that you do! :-) I'm writing you in the hope that you can help me out. My guru level is wrong. I have 400 points, all of which were earned from contributing articles, blogs and videos to the community (.i.e. NO invites), yet my guru level shows as "1". It should be "2", shouldn't it? I tried contacting Carl the Cop about it but has not received a reply back. So I thought I'd try you now. Thanks for your help. Lena Bjorna
Hello Jason, You sent out a video to watch, I was not able to open it. I would love to watch the 6 min video.