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Quitters never win and winners never quit.

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Gary Rotolo

Senior Regional sales Director
Company:  AmeriPlan Corporation
Industry:  Business Opportunities
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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Don’t ever quit!
My favorite quote is “Quitters never win and Winners never quit”. My name is Gary Rotolo. I was born and raised in the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado, Being an Entrepreneur has always been a part of my life. When I was young I would find a way to make money if it meant pet sitting, mowing lawns, or delivering newspapers. In high school I took a course in auto mechanics so then, I started buying, selling and trading car parts. When I graduated, I got a job as a mechanic. Several years late,, I was introduced to MLM and got involved part time because the products were related to the automotive industry.

I got burned!
I worked with that company for over 2 years then, “the bottom fell out” because they made the product line available through retail stores for just over what I was paying. Needless to say that was the end of my business. I’m glad that it was only a part time income because I had a family to support. So it was full time plus part time (and any time) mechanic for the next 6 years.

Bad news.
Just when I thought everything was going great, my life took a drastic change. I was diagnosed with having a brain tumor. Wow you say? I can’t tell you what I said. Anyhow, I had the tumor removed and had to stop working for a while. Unfortunately the family broke up after the surgery but, I have become a stronger person from it. After 1 ½ years of rehab I went back to work. I physically couldn’t work as a mechanic so I went into the repair part side and continued for 8 more years then I had to give it up.
During that time I was introduced to and got involved with 2 more companies. The first one was only about 6 months long then the company went broke. I worked the second one for about 3 years then a problem came up where I was supposed to leave for a short period (6 months) but during that time I saw an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up. That opportunity was AmeriPlan. So I worked part time with AmeriPlan for 2 years before I left the automotive industry, and that was 4 years ago.

I didn’t quit.
The past 4 years have been demanding but quitting wasn’t an option. I will continue to move forward because that is the ONLY way to go. Oh before I forget, I AM NOT looking for another business so if you are planning to SPAM me with your business don’t waste your time or mine.

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My Location:  Pueblo, Colorado
United States

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Hi Gary, Welcome to BN, Here you will learn your skills from great marketers. I look forward to your value, and I hope you like mine. To OUR success, Take care and God Bless. Therese
Hi Gary,'s very nice to meet you! Boy, it looks like you had quite a rocky road. Good thing is, you never gave up. That's what the winners of our industry are made of ... perseverance! By the way, I love your quote too ;-) Good luck to you! I know you are a WINNER! Ilka
Comment by garyrotolo
Thanks Ilka the rocky rode is getting smoother every day