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Rules and Regulations

If you're new to the site, read our Welcome to page.

Better Networker Rules - Don't Break'em!
If you are unclear on what the rules of conduct are on Better Networker, click here to see the rules and make sure you don't break them.


Creating, Editing, and Deleting Content

To create content on, it is necessary to be signed in to the site, then click the "Add Content" link at the top of any page. If in the Forums, click the "Post Topic" or "Post Reply" buttons when on the page where you'd like to post an item.

Some content on the site can be created by any BetterNetworker registered user, and other types of content can only be created by those who are members of the Association of Better Networkers.

Please note, we do not allow content to be deleted. We do this to ensure the integrity of content on the BetterNetworker site, and to guarantee that users linking to BetterNetworker content from other Internet sites have a valid link. If you have a serious issue which you believe still requires your content to be deleted, contact us by submitting a support ticket.

The table below provides an overview of what each user can do on the site:

  ABN Member Registered User
Content Type Create Edit Create Edit
Article Yes Yes No No
Blog Yes Yes No No
Classified Ad Yes Yes No No
Comment Yes Yes No No
Company Lead Ad Yes Yes No  No
Company News Yes Yes No No
Company Post Yes Yes No No
Company Review Yes      
Company Video Yes Yes No No
Content Lead Ad Yes Yes    
Forum Post Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forum Reply Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group Yes Yes No No
Group Event Yes Yes No No
Group Photo Album Yes Yes No No
Group Poll Question Yes Yes No No
Group Post Yes Yes No No
Group Video Yes Yes No No
Member Review Yes   No No
Podcast Yes Yes No No
User Photo Gallery Yes Yes No No
Video Yes Yes No No


Becoming a BetterNetworker Affiliate

How To Become a BetterNetworker Affiliate by Jason Better


Using the Better Networker Forums


How do I get involved in the forums?

How to post Comments on a Forum Discussion on Better Networker by Mike Klinger


I cannot sign in to the forums! HELP!

Clear your browser cache to ensure you can log in to the forums.

If you're having problems signing in to the forums, also see this post for assistance.  If you are still having problems, please send us a message here and we'll help.


How do I set my forum signature?

How to use BB Code to format your Forum Signature by Lynn and Chad


Friends and Invites

How to manage your friends and connections on Better Networker by Mike Klinger

Creating and Managing Your Profile


How to create Groups on Better Networker by Melanie Milletics


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