Bennett Watson's Elite Marketing Mastermind Group.

About Bennett Watson's Elite Marketing Mastermind Group.

This is an invite only group. The reason I have created this group is to create a powerful mastermind group within BN. If you've read Think And Grow Rich then you know how powerful a mastermind is. This group is not to be used in anyway to recruit ,sell affiliate products, or pitch. This is designed to help each other get exposure on BN and other social media sites. 

Here are the things we can do to help each other.

  • View videos created by members from start to finish, Youtube ranks these videos higher when 5 people have viewed and comment on them. Little tip from Adam Chandler of MLSP.
  • Vote,like,tweet, comment on articles,videos, and content on BN.
  • Share ideas and tips that have helped you in your particular marketing methods.
  • Keep each other accountable, my daily goal is create at least 1 piece of content. What are your goals? Having an accountibilty partner will keep you accountable. 

If you have any other ideas about what should be included please feel free to give your feedback! I look forward to masterminding with you and empowering you to reach your goals.


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