What's Your WHY?

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What's Your WHY?

Postby Sanu Ogunkoya on Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:47 pm

Hey Guys,

I am new to the better networker and as my first post I would like to share and hear your thoughts on a powerful concept that was able to change my life and my business.

It was the concept of finding and defining your "WHY?"

I started off homeless, a uni drop out broke busted and disgusted, in debt of over $14,000 and I was continually frustrated as to why I was failing in my online business even though it seemed like I was trying everything and anything but I just wasn't seeing any results.

So as you can imagine, this was a really stressful period and I was only 19!

But one day I was going through some YouTube videos and I learned a concept that truly transformed my life. And it was all about eliminating your limitations and finding your "WHY"

The reason why I was failing to succeed was because even though I had a goal, I did NOT have a WHY as to why I wanted to attain those goals, and this was a HUGE breakthrough for me.

Once I developed a defined purpose as to why I wanted to attain my goals, things started to change almost overnight. I was more resilient, more persistent, more consistent and I started to achieve bigger and better things because instead of just saying "I want xyz goal" it became "I want xyz goal BECAUSE..." and having a deep core purpose literally propelled my towards success.

Now I have a quick exercise for you guys:

1- Imagine the most important person in your life right now
2- Imagine a major goal that you have in your life right now. It could be financial... it could be physical. Any major goal that you want to achieve.
3- Now I want you to imagine going to the doctors with the most important person in your life right now and the doctor telling you that the person who is important to you will DIE if you do not achieve your goal in the next 60-90 days.

What would happen?

Would you allow that person to die or would you do absolutely ANYTHING that it took to achieve that goal?
I'm guessing you would do anything that it took to achieve that goal!

You won't even begin to think of challenges or limits, you will think of solutions. You won't make excuses you will make adjustments. Your won't even see barriers or obstacles, you will only see ways to get around them.

And the crazy thing is even if you don't know "HOW" you are going to achieve the result, because you know "WHY" you want to achieve the result (ie you dont want your loved one to die) you will ALWYAS find the HOW!

But what changes?

-Your resources don't.
-The number or opportunities don't.
-The people around you don't.

The only thing that changes is your "WHY" and
having a clear WHY will always reveal a clouded "HOW"

So guys I encourage you all to have a clear "WHY" and watch how your life will change.

Please share your thoughts and stories of whether having a WHY has helped you in your life.

Also, watch this video:

It explains the importance of having a "WHY"

I love speaking to other entrepreneurs so feel free to connect with me on Facebook:

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Re: What's Your WHY?

Postby Khoa Nuyen on Sun Jul 21, 2013 11:11 pm

Yup, finding the why is where the magic is. Most people are fixated on processes, but never on self development. Good thoughts. I wish I knew what you now know when I was your age. It took me a lot longer to figure things out than you. :)
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Re: What's Your WHY?

Postby krzysztof branecki on Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:43 pm

...... it's all in the mind. How many times do we say " can't do this can't do that" ? We are trying to blame
everything and everyone but us for anything. Untill we realise that it is down to us we will not succeed.
The only way to change things around us is to change ourselves and the strong WAY is the first step to success !!! great video
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krzysztof branecki
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Re: What's Your WHY?

Postby Rory Singh on Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:29 pm

Being able to 'stay home' and make an income without to commute anywhere for an income works for me. I'm more into my 'comfort' zone being able to make income from my sofa. Yup that's my why - to be the sofa 'King'
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Re: What's Your WHY?

Postby Anders Jørgensen on Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:57 pm

My why?

It is the only option for what I want to do financially at this point in time.

I want to help and do what it takes to make the thing happen. It pretty simple and the truth!
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Re: What's Your WHY?

Postby Kim Steadman on Fri Jan 17, 2014 9:18 pm

My why? My why?..... I'm a successful corporate employee. I've worked my way up from a part-time clerical to corporate management. A person that the higher management depends upon for answers and input. I'm fulfilled.

But I look next door and see my little daddy who just turned 71 and is still having to (and has the option to ) work from home even as he cares for my mom recovering from a stroke. I have a grandson whom I can barely see because of trying to squeeze in time between 50 hour weeks combined with caring for my parents after work, and his parents both having to work full time why is my family, and freedom of time.

I'm not worried about wealth, gaining fancy cars or a bigger house. We are out of debt (thank God). But, I'm captive to "time" and I want to be free of that constraint. Freedom of Time. Personal Time Freedom. Yes, that is my why.
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Re: What's Your WHY?

Postby Volker Schaefer on Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:39 am

My why is to help others to succeed and reach the goals they wanted to reach!

Wow, I am so proud to see somebody being successful and I have helped him at the beginning to get it started!

There is no better feeling on earth than seeing somebody happy, with tears in eyes being thankful for what you did to help her or him.

To your massive success

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Volker Schaefer
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Re: What's Your WHY?

Postby Carey Evelyn on Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:18 pm

Well I am still new and trying to get my "business" going. But the biggest why for me would be to be my own boss of course! Setting my own hours, working for as long as I want to make as much as i want. Not having to worry about a boss looking over my shoulder every few minutes, wondering if the trailers are offloaded, of course being able to pay bills and still have leftovers to help out family, save and even spend a bit on myself.
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Carey Evelyn
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Re: What's Your WHY?

Postby willie robertson on Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:41 pm

takata556 wrote:Well I am still new and trying to get my "business" going. But the biggest why for me would be to be my own boss of course! Setting my own hours, working for as long as I want to make as much as i want. Not having to worry about a boss looking over my shoulder every few minutes, wondering if the trailers are offloaded, of course being able to pay bills and still have leftovers to help out family, save and even spend a bit on myself.

When I first stared my entrepreneur,MLM journey I was very fortunate to be in a company that offered across the board, unified training, meaning every distributor in the company received the exact training, no matter what part of the country you lived in.

Our company marketing trainer for all the distributor's was a gentleman named Dale Calvert... I will for ever be grateful for having met Dale because he turned me on to the importance of personal development.

One of the first things Dale taught each one of us in that comapny was to figure out your WHY for being in and doing a business, especially MLM.


When most people start in MLM or in any biz opp they first want to know, how to do this, that or the other... Truth is, you need to have a really BIG why and you must really know the reason you are doing this business...

The reasoning behind it is, your why is what will keep you going when things get tough for you while building your business, you know, people saying no, people dissing you for being in MLM, and don't forget those pesty dream stealer's.

I like something I haerd from a training CD by Todd Falcone, who is a multi millionaire in MLM.

Todd said, to have success in MLM, you must first DECIDE... You must DECIDE you are in MLM for the long haul and not just as a hobby..

Todd and Dale both teach that you must have BELIEF... Both in the MLM industry, your company and in yourself.

I've quit MLM many times but I keep coming back because I have a big why and i don't know of any thing else that affords me the opportunity to build a business without having to fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars for a franchise.

Hope I am allowed to share this powerful video by a fellow marketer on the importance of having a bIG why. ... Ec1Tq.dpuf
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Re: What's Your WHY?

Postby Vu Le on Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:18 am

It's interesting to hear everyone's why I think once you know what your why is you have a clear mindset and will focus heavily on your goals removing or not letting the distractions in your life slow you down or stop you from what you are doing.

If your way isn't strong enough you won't be motivated enough to do everything in your power to achieve your goals and you will start to become negative and make excuses for failing.
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