When is enough enough before you have to walk away?

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When is enough enough before you have to walk away?

Postby Marty Baker on Sun Sep 13, 2015 4:11 pm

Have you ever had this discussion with your sponsor/upline? If you try to build your business online I and our upline are not going to support you. You have to build this business our way or you're not going to get any support. Not only that but you can't say the company's name you can't mention this or that and it just this total wall of bullshit that you get from people that are supposed to be there supporting you.

Well this exact thing happened to me and I am glad it did. Because at that point I knew that that was not the right company for me. The way they were teaching me to market the business did not align with my beliefs. I'm not going to go into a big rant about why the marketing methods they are teaching basically don't work about 97% of the time. Just believe me when I say they are flawed.

We should be able to build our business how we want the way we want and get support doing it (not breaking any laws).

Are you preaching the dream while living the nightmare? I have loved MLM because of the opportunity but I quit because of the reality. Just know there is a better mouse trap.

I would like to hear back from some of you about your experiences with moving your business online.
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Re: When is enough enough before you have to walk away?

Postby Chris Blanks on Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:36 am

Hey [Marty] I have had the best experience with my business online just this past year. I have run into people who have had the same experience that you have had. You have to love what you are doing in order to stick with it. You made a good choice and you should have a sponsor that is supportive. It makes a difference if you have a supportive sponsor. Fortunate for me my sponsor and I have an awesome relationship. I help her with things and she helps me with things. She teaches me things and I teach her things. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for her. They always say when one door closes another one opens up.
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Re: When is enough enough before you have to walk away?

Postby Mike Sweeney on Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:31 am

Hey Marty,

I heard and seen this happen to many people. Here's the thing about it as far as I look at it. If they are going to conform you to those rules, maybe it's not the right company.

The best thing to do with any MLM company is promote yourself and not the company. Share your own life experiences and story with people. How is the product or service of the company your promoting working for you?

What has it done for you? What problems where you having before and now? What has changed? What caused you to start making those changes? How has it affected your life, your family etc... There is a whole bunch of things you do, have experienced, you want, you have achieved, you have failed at etc.... that people can and will relate to themselves.

Forget about the company, the products and services that are out there. Think about you and what your trying to accomplish, change in life. How your going about it. That's what people will follow. That's what they will grab hold of and want for themselves.

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