Purity 12 Executives

David Vankomen, CEO/Founder
Vankomen has an extensive background in internet marketing, direct marketing, and financial and strategic planning. He launched his first payment solutions company at age 24 and continues to drive Purity12’s success through strong financial management and instinctive product and development selection.  He is involved in many charities for children and plans to continue making these a priority for the company.

Paul Vankomen, President/Co-Founder
With an extensive knowledge in strategic planning, operations management and financial planning, Paul Vankomen has been a significant element in the creation and success of Purity 12.

Sam Robinson, Vice President
During his time at Purity 12 Robinson has established several systematic operational processes that have been a major contribution to the company’s successful startup and maintenance.  He is involved with charitable service programs for veterans and their families and plans to continue his support to various charitable organizations.

Jeff Wilson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales
After spending over 11 years working as a Senior Vice President of marketing and sales for a Fortune 500 company, Wilson started his own business manufacturing valves and instrumentation for the aerospace and petrochemical industries.

Jeffrey N. Aldous, General Counsel
Having practiced law for over 21 years and with several years of experience in direct selling companies and launching of new international markets, Aldous now contributes to Purity 12’s achievements. He also serves as Judge Pro-term for the small claims court in Orem, Utah and is involved in charitable organizations.

Rebecca Clapham, Director of Operations
With her previous experience and contributions in operations management, division-wide training and mentoring, Clapham has helped develop the standards for business practices, contract negotiations and payment practices that have aided in the successful launching of new ventures. She currently supervises the finance, risk management, and payment functions of Purity 12.

John Wilson, Director of Product Management
With several years of experience in global growth strategies and international expansion, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Wilson now directs all foreign and domestic outbound logistics, supply chain management and product distribution.

Rusty Jenkins, Director of Online Media & Data Management
Having worked in the online advertising industry for 12 years, Jenkins monetizes and maintains profitability for Purity 12 products in the global health and wellness market.

Bronson Hunter, Director of Advertising
With 10 years of sales and marketing experience, Hunter continues to renew Purity 12's effective marketing strategies.