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AIM Companies, Inc.™

Produces and markets daily supplements, whole food supplements and personal care products.
Industry:  Health and Nutrition

3923 E. Flamingo Ave.
Nampa, ID ID 83687-3100
United States
Phone: 208-465-5116
United States
Phone: 1-800-456-2462

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About AIM

Founded in 1982, American Image Marketing Company, Inc. (AIM), based in Nampa, Idaho, produces and markets daily supplements and whole food supplements to enhance personal wellbeing, as well as sports and athletic performance. Their product line consists of 24 nutritional supplements based on whole foods, and 5 personal care items designed to promote healthy living. Their breakout product was BarleyLife, a nutritional supplement based on green barley juice.  Their products are marketed in the United States and five other countries using a multilevel marketing business plan.  The company employes approximately 150 people, and has a base of over 100,000 distributors.

AIM Products

Founded in 1982 by former Idaho farmer Dennis Itami in Nampa, Idaho, AIM boasts markets in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.  It entered the market with AIM BarleyLife, a green barley juice supplement.  Joined by Ron Wright, AIM immediately began promoting its product worldwide.  In 1983, the premise and mission of AIM’s products was introduced:  the Healthy Cell Conceptä.  Four years later AIM opened AIM Canada in 1987.  Herbal Fiberblend, AIM’s second product, was introduced in 1988, with plans at that time to introduce more nutritional products to the market.  In the mid 1990s, AIM expanded to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.    In 2002, AIM reformulated BarleyLife to celebrate its 20th anniversary.  2007 saw the introduction of a line of personal care products called dailylifeä which included naturally formulated shampoo and conditioner, hand cream, body wash and skin lotion, each of which is offered in a choice of mango or lime scents.  Two new products were introduced in 2008, a calcium supplement and a whole greens product called LeafGreens.

AIM’s breakout product, BarleyLife is a concentrate of natural, green barley juice concentrate and contains enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals, natural chlorophyll, essential amino acids, and antioxidants.  The product is marketed as providing all the essential daily nutrients for optimum health.

AIMega is a blend of organic seed oils that provide omega-3, omega-6, an omega-9 essential fatty acids, the principle components necessary for cell metabolism.  The company claims benefits to those with high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems, as well as benefits to the healing of wounds.

Containing a blend of five juices constituting 17% fruit juice per serving, CalciAIM is a powdered juice drink, and provides three types of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and amino acid.  It also contains vitamins A, C, and D, necessary for calcium absorption and utilization

Pomegranate and mango juices are combined in CellStar to provide antioxidants that are used to fight free radicals in the system.  CellStar has an ORAC count (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 1,250.  The recommended serving size is two ounces daily.

fit ’n fiber
Natural fiber supplement fit ‘n fiber is a peach-flavored flavored blend of ingredients designed to provide soluble fiber, necessary to cardiovascular health.  It is packaged in a zip bag with a measuring scoop.

FloraFood FloraFood blends friendly bacteria such as acidophilus, bifidum, and longum to aid digestive system function and marketed to improve digestive and intestinal health and maintain good cholesterol levels.

shea you love me – bar soap
This cleansing bar is a vegetable-based soap with a fragrance that combines the scent of pomegranate and grapefruit.  Ingredients include shea butter and glycerin, which provide a unique moisturizing lather

sooner or lather – shampoo
Designed for all hair types, this shampoo is a concentrated shampoo that contains vitamins and amino acids and is designed to nourish hair follicles

Cell Wellness Restorer
A body treatment that can be added to the bath or applied directly on the skin, Cell Wellness Restorer is promoted as useful in the relief of sunburn and insect bites, joint and muscular aches, pains or swelling.  Its other promoted properties include stress reduction, improved sleep and increased energy

Peak Endurance
Peak Endurance is a combination of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), marketed to enhance energy and replenish ATP levels in the body that occur with exercise, aging and stress.

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AIM Headquarters:  Nampa, Idaho
United States

AIM Last Updated: Jul 12, 2010, 4:30pm