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Ideal Health, Inc.®

Marketer of in-home tests and customized nutritional supplements.
Industry:  MLM, Health and Nutrition, Weight Loss
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428 Newburyport Turnpike
Rowley, MA 01969
United States
Phone: 800-768-7667,

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About Ideal Health

Founded by brothers Scott and Todd Stanwood and their partner Lou Decaprio in 1997, Ideal Health Inc is a revolutionary concept in the field of health, fitness and well being, focusing on in-home self tests to determine supplement needs. Ideal Health was acquired by Donald Trump and is part of The Trump Network, launched in Miami in November 2009. 

Ideal health Inc. is based on scientific metabolic testing to determine underlying health problems, using results from blood, urine, saliva and other in-home tests to prescribe specific supplement products to address the body’s needs.   Customers conduct these tests in the privacy of their homes, then select from a range of vitamins and supplements. 

The company has research laboratories and production facilities in the United States, as well as research laboratories in the Netherlands and China. The European and Asian laboratories research new medicines and ayurvedic herbs used to create nutritional supplements. Sample testing is conducted at MetaMetrix Clinical Laboratory in Atlanta, and products are shipped from Douglas Labs, a facility managed by physicians. 

Ideal Health products are sold by a network of 5000 distributors in all 50 United States.  With marketing guru Donald Trump at the helm, the company goal is to add 1 million distributors and generate $1 billion in revenue by the end of 2010.

Ideal Health Products

Ideal health markets a wide range of customized tests and health supplements to addresses health concerns such as weight loss, digestive disorders, arthritis, bone loss, and age-related health problems.

Priva Test
Home based urinalysis, Priva Test offers an overview of nutritional health by measuring metabolic markers in urinary sulfates (to determine the need for detoxification), Deoxygyanosine (to check DNA damage), and ADMA (to check nitic acid levels).  The test is conducted at home, and then sent via prepaid Fedex to Ideal Health Laboratories for scientific analysis prior to the prescription of customized supplementation needs. 

Custom Tests
If the Priva Test is unable to precisely determine nutritional needs, there are custom  biochemical tests available, including tests for allergies, estrogen levels, fitness, stress, and others that may help reveal underlying deficiencies. 

Custom Essentials
A combination of 50 herbs and 48 custom essentials are prescribed to customers  based on Priva Test results. These customized vitamins are based on nutrition studies of more than  100,000 human subjects. Custom Essentials contain amino acids, minerals, vitamins and whole food concentrates.

Silhouette Solution
Based on scientific concepts promoted by the National Institute of Health, Silhouette Solution claims to assist weight loss and maintenance by treating hyperinsulism.

Quik Stiks
Quik Stiks are marketed as visually appealing, great tasting, easy to consume mood enhancing natural supplements that can be taken any time of the day for stress release.  

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Ideal Health Headquarters:  Rowley, Massachusetts
United States

Ideal Health Last Updated: Jun 14, 2010, 9:18pm