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Health Through Nutrition™/℠

A Virginia based developer and marketer of nutritional support products.
Industry:  MLM, Health and Nutrition, Weight Loss

Health Thru Nutrition 150 Research Drive
Hampton, VA 23666
United States
150 Research Drive
Hampton, VA 23666
United States

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About HTN

Health Through Nutrition (HTN) was founded by a group of industry experts in 1993, in Hampton, Virginia, and develops and markets nutritional products designed to cleanse, balance, nourish, alkalize, and energize the body, claiming that with proper nutritional support, the body can heal itself.  The company’s first product line was its Metabolizer 2000 series, in 1995 it launched patented Alka-Line™ Sango Coral Calcium.

HTN Products

HTN offers products such as Alkaline Coral Calcium, Litmus pH Paper, Coralyte, Multi-Berry Extracts, Digestive Enzymes, Green Super Food for adult and children, Digestive System Support, Intestinal Health Support, Dietary Supplement, Skin Care, Water Purifier and Essential Oils.

HTN claims to be the first company to introduce Ellagic Acid, ActiVin and OptiBerry into the market.

HTM’s weight management products have been featured on a national TV show, Today's Family, a 30-minute program featuring top companies from the U.S.

OptiBerry™ ATX-OPC
OptiBerry™ claims heath benefits such as cardiovascular protection, improved brain function and mental clarity, antioxidant activity, blood sugar support, vision improvement, urinary tract health and improved skin.  

Assimilator is marketed as a blend of natural plant enzymes with ionic trace minerals that claims to improve the digestive system, enhance energy, support the immune system, and wastes from cells.

Adult SuperFood™ 
Adult SuperFood is formulated to provide nutritional benefits to children and adults, and claims to help alleviate stress as well as reduces body fat and enhance mental and physical strength.  

Children's SuperFood™ 
SuperFood is formulated with phyto-nutrients that purportedly decrease stress and exhaustion and boost energy levels. In addition, the formula provides vitamins and minerals; supports physical and mental health; and helps reduce unwanted fat from the body.

Nature's SBOs™ 
SBO is an acronym for Soil Based Organisms.  This formula is marketed to promote a healthy digestive system, reduce harmful effects of contaminates or toxins from the atmosphere, and cleanse villi from the small intestine. HTE suggests that it can be taken as a substitute for daily vitamins and minerals.  

Nature's Body Cleanse™ This product is recommended to cleanse the digestive system, with ingredients like psyllium to lubricate the intestinal tract, anise to relieve gas and stomach cramps, and aloe to enhance the body’s natural ability to protect itself.

OMEGA 3/70+ with Shark Liver Oil™ 
Omega 3/70 contains essential fatty acids that claim to support a healthy cardiovascular system.

HTN's Joint Health
This product contains glucosamine and lignisul, MSM, and CMO and claims to support cartilage, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones.

HTN's Ellagic Acid
HTN claims that Ellagic Acid enhances cellullar functioning, helping replace dying cells with healthy cells.  

HTN's Ellagiderm™ 
According to HTN, Ellagiderm™ helps nourish healthy skin by reducing dryness, premature fine lines, and rashes from face by reducing free radical damage.

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HTN Headquarters:  Hampton, Virginia
United States

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