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Goldshield Elite®

Marketers of nutritional supplements and skin care products.
Industry:  MLM, Beauty and Personal Care, Health and Nutrition

1501 Northpoint Parkway, Suite 100
West Palm Beach, FL 33407
United States
Phone: (561) 615-4701

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About Goldshield Elite

Goldshield Elite markets nutrition products throughout North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Established more than 20 years ago, Goldshield Elite’s product line includes salves, specialty foods, spices, vitamins, supplements, and household cleaning items.  Their webpage hosts nutrition articles and healthy living tips, including exercise, healthy eating, and nutritional and medical information, written by experts. 

They are partnered with their multi-million dollar parent company, the Goldshield Group, enabling them resources for research and development.  As a result, they claim that they can formulate the finest nutritional supplements on the market today.   

Goldshield Elite Products

Since Goldshield Elite is the combination of two companies, Rawleigh and the Goldshield Group, the current company has dozen of products.  Rawleigh, in existence since 1889, brought its long history of high quality products such as flavorings, extracts, household cleaners, home remedies, specialty foods, and spices and seasonings.  Goldshield’s products include advanced daily nutrition, bone and joint support, cardio nutrition, digestive support, focused nutrition, health maintenance, immune support, women’s and men’s nutrition, and weight management.

Pulsate Plus
Pulsate Plus is marketed as the most comprehensive nutritional supplement available.  It contains eight complete wellness blends, including an advanced cardiovascular formula.  It contains NatraStatin plant sterols, which are claimed to lower both total and LDL cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease when combined with a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

Gold Pack
The Gold Pack contains eight of what Goldshield Elite considers to be their finest supplements, which specifically target the body’s nutritional needs.  The supplements contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in bio-available forms that work together for the best results.  The Gold Pack includes the following products: Super Formula #1 Softgels
, 76 Plus, Honeybee Propolis, NutriGreens, Aloe Plus, Ultimate Antioxidant, Phyto-Guard, and Natural C Caplets.

Heart Health Pack
The Heart Health Pack contains six products specially formulated to target cardiovascular needs.  It includes one-month supply of the following products: OC-MAX, Bee-III, FiberCap, Super E Plus, Tru-Sorb CoQ10, and GarliGuard. 

Cal-Mag Plus
Cal-Mag blends five calcium sources with magnesium, boron, vitamin D, and other nutrients, claiming this combination of vitamins and minerals ensures the body absorbs enough calcium and magnesium, necessary for healthy bones and teeth.  

Coral Calcium
Goldshield Elite’s Coral Calcium is formulated with certified Okinawan marine-grade coral calcium.  It also includes magnesium, a special blend of aquamin (mineralized seaweed), as well as Kombu, Walame, and Nori algae.  The company claims such sea vegetables have many nutritional benefits, including minerals, vitamins (like B12 and C), pantothenic acid, beta-carotene, protein, and trace elements. 

AndroBOOST AndroBOOST, a natural herbal supplement designed to address the emotional and physical changes that occur as men age, reduces high estrogen levels associated with the loss of lean muscle, low sex drive, weight gain, fatigue, and depression. It contains several ingredients, including Saw Palmetto and DIM.

Rejuvenate for Women
Rejuvenate for Women is a supplement that contains herbal extracts, fatty acids, phytoestrogens, and botanicals, all which support the female hormonal system.  It contains a combination of fermented soy complex, wild Mexican yam, primrose oil, and black currant.  Its herbal blend contains fo-ti, dong quai, schizandra,
and blessed thistle.

LIPObond, a natural fiber complex, is used to stop excess fat from being absorbed in the body.  Goldshield Elite claims this product has been clinically proven to decrease food cravings, reduce blood cholesterol levels, and support weight loss.  It is made from all-natural and organic plant extracts, and contains no artificial coloring, flavors, salt, gluten, or preservatives.

Bee Secret
Bee Secret contains a blend of herbs and oil that can be applied to sore muscles, insect bites, cold sores, and stuffy nasal passages

Propolis Salve
Propolis Salve is what Goldshield Elite calls a unique ointment.  It contains wheat germ, safflower oils, vitamin E, aloe vera, beeswax, proplis, and clove oil.  It is used on dry skin, wrinkles, and stretch marks, as well as to soften the appearance of surface scars.

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Goldshield Elite Headquarters:  West Palm Beach, Florida
United States

Goldshield Elite Last Updated: Jul 6, 2010, 2:13pm