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Cutco Cutlery reported revenue of $250 million in the year 2009.

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Cutco Cutlery®

Manufacturer and marketer of cutlery, household knives, garden tools and sports knives.
Industry:  Direct Sales, Home Products and Services
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322 Houghton Avenue, Olean, NY
New York, NY 14760
United States
Phone: 1-800-828-0448
United States
Phone: 1-888-288-5379

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About Cutco

Established in 1949, Cutco cutlery is a part of the CUTCO Corporation, a leading name in manufacturing carving forks, butcher and paring knives, fishing and hunting knives, and other household cutlery and garden tools, under it's message “The World’s Finest Cutlery”. All Cutco products are marketed using home demonstrations by its subsidiary unit, Vector marketing.  KA-BAR is another subsidiary of Cutco Corporation that manufactures sports and military knives. Cutco Corporation completed its 6 decades of business on January 1st, 2009 earning a new name CUTCO from Alcas Corporation.

Cutco is located close to the Allegheny foothills in Olean, New York, and was established to encourage the fine craftsmanship of skilled cutlers that emigrated to Northern Pennsylvania and western New York from the Sheffield industrial region in England.  Cutco Corporation was started as a joint venture between ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America) and Case Cutlery, and was therefore named Alcas. This company shipped its first cutlery set to New Kensington, Pa in 1949. Today Cutco sells more than 100 different kitchen accessories, cookware, flatware, outdoor and sports knives.

Cutco has 15 million customers throughout North America and Canada. Vector Marketing employees more than 40,000 sales representatives, most of them school students looking to earn extra money. These distributors work from 200 offices in the US and Canada. Approximately 800 people are employed at the manufacturing unit in Olean , NY.

Cutco products come with a "forever"  guarantee, meaning the company will replace the product or correct the problem if customers are dissatisfied in any way.

Cutco Products

The Cutco product line consists of more than 100 cutlery products, kitchen utensils, gadgets, flatware, cookware, garden tools as well as pocket and sporting knives, all with ergonomic high thermal resistant handles designed by Dr Thomas Lamb. All Cutco products come with a lifetime guarantee.  The main Cutco product line includes kitchen sets, kitchen knives, table knives and flatware, gift sets, accessories and gadgets, woodblocks and trays, sporting knives, cookware and garden tools.

Kitchen Knives
18 different kinds of kitchen knives are offered by Cutco based on specific needs and requirements. Pairing knives, steak knives, chef knives, santoku knives, slicers, trimmers, carving knives, spatula spreaders and butcher knives are some of the Cutco products offered to customers.

Cutco Cookware is made using aluminum core sides and bottom that allows even spreading of heat, thereby reducing cooking time. The outer body of this cookware is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The knobs of this cookware are slip resistant and come with finger guards to prevent touching the hot metallic body. Ergonomically designed handles can withstand a temperature of about 350 degree Celsius. The product line consists of gourmet frying pans, sauce pans, double boiler inserts, griddles, steamer units, and complete cookware sets.

Garden Tools
Garden trowel, weeder, ratchet pruner and cultivator can be ordered alone or a as a set. along with a garden bag. Made using high grade steel, the tools promise strength, comfort and durability.

Accessories and Gadgets
From ice cream scoops to pizza cutters, garlic presses to vegetable peelers, a large number of accessories and gadgets are available from Cutco made using a corrosion resistant, easy to clean steel base with handles that are designed for firm grip tolerant of high heat and temperature.

Sports Knives
Pocket knives, sporting and hunting knives are available for sports enthusiasts. Fisherman’s Solution is a favorite of Cutco customers because of its extendable stainless steel blade with a pivoting sheath.  These pocket knives come with lanyards and leather sheaths.

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Cutco Headquarters:  New York, New York
United States

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