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2008 - $13,446,000

2007 - $23,511,000

2006 - $22,800,000

2005 - $5,100,000

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ComF5, LLC℠

Provider of internet marketing services.
Industry:  MLM, Marketing and Advertising, Business Development and Services

7469 W. Lake Mead Blvd. Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89128
United States
Phone: 702-506-0779
3035 East Patrick Lane, Suite 9
Las Vegas, NV 89120
United States
Phone: 702-938-9271

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About ComF5

VMDirect was purchased by Richard Kall in 2003 after he saw his first video email. VMDirect, LLC changed its name to ComF5, LLC on April 1, 2010. All of the company’s products, HelloWorld and AttainResponse, are under the same name umbrella. Additionally all of these brands are managed by their parent company DigitalFX International, Inc.

The company sells internet marketing products, video email, live webcasting tools, and video on demand, using network marketing.

ComF5 Services

VM Direct, LLC sells streaming video tools, live webcasting tools, video on demand, video email, internet marketing tools, and mobile marketing tools on a subscription basis.

This is a new service which allows individuals and companies to market to customers using SMS. The features of the product include text messaging, customer interaction, log customer information in real time, targeted campaigns, opt-in, and reporting.

This is an email marketing product that allows clients to send video emails. Some of the product features include customizable templates, media hosting, group collaboration tools, business domains, search capabilities, and ability to access from any location. The company markets this as a replacement for Microsoft Exchange.

This is a meda production tool that provides the capability to stream video, allowing eeal time interaction with audience, video conferencing, and an assortment of customization options.

Another email marketing product, it includes the ability to send streaming video and audio to clients. It also offers list management, advanced reporting, and training.

This is a monthly subscription package that gives access to MailF5 and Media F5. It offers 5GB of storage and 10GB of access as well for internet/email marketing campaigns.

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ComF5 Headquarters:  Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

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