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Bodywise International®

Marketer of health beverages and nutritional supplements.
Industry:  MLM, Health and Nutrition

17101 Armstrong Ave Suite 101
Irvine, CA 92614
United States
Phone: 1-800-830-9596

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About Bodywise

Bodywise International markets health beverages and nutritional supplements, the most prominent which is Super G.  It was founded in 1989 by Thomas T. Tierney, its current Chief Executive Officer, who also founded Vita Tech Laboratories, a manufacturer of private-label nutritional supplements.   

All products are developed for Bodywise International by Vita Tech Laboratories and manufactured using a proprietary technology to deliver nutrients to the cells in a more convenient manner, enhancing the potential of ATP (adenosenetriphosphate).  The products are marketed primarily in the United States.

Bodywise Products

Bodywise offers a broad range of products, each addressing the nutritional needs of different age groups. Bodywise offers products in weight management, essential nutrition, women’s health, men’s health, children’s health immunity health, heart health, performance nutrition, and anti-aging nutrition. 

Weight Management
Products in the Bodywise weight management line include Elance Frappe (meal replacement shake with 22 vitamins, minerals), Elance Appetit (an advanced supplement which helps in controlling carbohydrates and fats), Elance Petit Chocolat (an energy snack to curb food cravings), Right Choice AM/PM (helps reduce stress and provides necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins).

Essential Nutrition
The Essential Nutrition line is targeted at maintaining proper physical and mental health and nutrition. It contains 24/7 Kit (includes all the essentials Super Omega, Beta-C, Essential Calcium and Super Omega; Right Choice AM/PM (daily dose of assorted vitamins and minerals); Beta-C (2000 mg of Vitamin C for better immunity);  Essential Calcium (blend of calcium and chelated minerals); and Super Omega (omega-3 for improved heart conditions).

Women’s Health
Consisting of two products, the Women’s Health line includes Female Advantage Balance and Female Advantage Transitions. Both products claim to specially target women’s physical and mental needs.

Men’s Health
This line features Men’s Advantage, a nutritional supplement which claims to maintain  and enhance health, stamina and energy.

Children’s Health
Tiger Vites is a nutritional supplement containing necessary vitamins, minerals and immune system enhancers to address the specific nutritional needs of growing children.  The product is free of artificial sweeteners, dyes and chemical preservatives.

Immune Health
The Immune Health products feature AG- Immune (containing Ai/10 whey extract, astragalus and mitake mushroom which help maintain immunity), NK-Immune (for support of natural killer (NK) cell function with the help of Ai/E10 whey extract); and Relief Spray (a homeopathic treatment for allergies .)

Heart Health
This pack contains two products, both of which claim to promote better cardiovascular health:  CoEnzyme Q10+ (with antioxidants like co-enzyme Q-10, vitamin E and quercetin.) and Cardio Wise (a blend of specific vitamins and minerals which claim to help the heart stay strong and healthy).

Performance Nutrition
This line is specifically targeted at athletes or those with physically demanding work. It contains Electro Aloe, Oxy G2, Workout Formula, Right Choice AM/PM, Super Cell, AG-Immune, Essential Calcium, and Super Omega.

Super Cell, MemX2, OptimEyes, and Joint Complete are products designed to help cope with issues related to aging.

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Bodywise Headquarters:  Irvine, California
United States

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