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Marketer of beauty and health and wellness products.
Industry:  MLM, Beauty and Personal Care, Direct Sales
Website:  http://www.myavalla.com/
Official Blog:  http://avallabyjulie.com/weblog/

Houston , TX
United States

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About Avalla

Avalla is the U.S. and Canadian distributor of Nutrimetics, a subsidiary of Tupperware Brands.  Nutrimetics is the number one direct seller of beauty, health and wellness products in Australia.  The U.S. and Canadian exclusive distributor rights were acquired by Pamela Dean in 2004.  Based in Houston, Texas, it distributes a range of personal care, health and wellness products using a direct sales approach to achieve both in-home and online sales.  Its Nutrimetics product line is based on discoveries made regarding the longevity of the Himalayan Hunza people.  The foundation product was Nutri-Rich Oil, developed from apricot kernel oil.  The product line has expanded to include skin care, cosmetics, personal care, and household cleaning products; all developed using a philosophy of combining the finest natural ingredients with advances in scientific research.  Products are also developed without animal testing, and adhere to a rigorous testing process to ensure that any claims made regarding the products are backed by ingredient research or testing by outside laboratories.   

Avalla Products

Nutrimetics (a combination of NUTRItional cosMETICS) products are exclusively marketed in the United States and Canada by Avalla.  The products undergo rigorous testing, and are based on combining research-based findings in skincare technology with natural ingredients including aloe vera, avocado, jojoba and rice bran oils, papaya extracts, cornflower and eucalyptus.

Nutrimetics offers several ranges of skincare products, aimed at different skin types and conditions.  Products include cleansers, toners, moisturizers and masques.

Bath and Body Care
Shower gels, body exfoliators and moisturizers are offered in a variety of fragrances.

Hair Care
Nutrimetics offers several lines of shampoos, conditioners, sprays and serums for all hair types.

Avalla Household
Nutrimetics offers Nutri-Clean, an all-purpose household cleaner, in a variety of sizes.

Avalla markets several of Nutrimetics fragrances, including Viola, Marie-France, and Georgie on Ice.

Nutrimetics anti-aging line includes treatments claimed to reduce the signs of aging.

Men’s Products
Men’s products include cleansers, shaving gels, after shave, and after shave balms.

A complete line of cosmetics is offered, including foundations, concealers, and blushes, all based on natural minerals.

Avalla offers several nutritional supplement products, including beverages, multi-vitamins, nutritional beverages, and weight loss supplements.

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Avalla Headquarters:  Houston, Texas
United States

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