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Aerus Electrolux®

A direct selling company selling home care products for air and water purification and floor cleaning
Industry:  Direct Sales, Home Products and Services
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5956 Sherry Lane Suite 1500
Dallas, TX 75225
United States
Phone: 214) 378-4000

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About Aerus

Aerus Electrolux is an offshoot of Electrolux Corporation USA, and is a leading manufacturer of carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.  The company was previously known as Electrolux LLC and its name was changed to Aerus LLC in 2004. The company sold its North American rights to Swedish company AB Electrolux in 2000.  Aerus LLC is presently held by investment company Engles Urso Follmer. In 2009 EcoQuest International, a firm selling healthy living products, was acquired by Engles Urso Follmer to expand their business.

Electrolux was started by Swedish businessman Gustaf Sahlin in 1924, who emigrated to the United States and designed the first tank vacuum cleaner -- a cannister model. The first production unit of Electrolux was established in Greenwich Connecticut and production of Model XXX began in 1937,  

In 2000, Aerus diversified its business interests and moved from floor and carpet cleaning products to air and water purification devices.

Aerus LLC products are sold through 500 independent franchises located in Canada and the United States. Aerus products are also sold in Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Chile, Canada, Czech Republic Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, and Uruguay.

To become an aerus representative applicants must meet strict criteria which include financial and management capabilities. To become an associate franchise owner, an applicant must be capable of an initial investment of $10,000-$30,000.  A full franchise owner must invest in the range of $50,000- $300,000. 


Aerus Products

Aerus Electrolux was formed in 1924 by Swedish businessman Gustaf Sahlin, who revolutionized the floor cleaning industry by designing the frst tank vacuum cleaner   Aerus now markets not only floor cleaning products, but also state-of-the art air and water filtration products.

Aqualogy 201
Aqualogy 201 is an energy-efficient 5-stage water purification system that produces pure drinking water free of lime, sandstone, soil and other inorganic or organic compounds and microbes.

Aerus Home Solution
This herbal non-toxic formula helps in removing protein allergens such as dust mite wastes, pollen and pet dander. The stain-free clear solution contains no artificial perfumes, chemical dyes, benzyl benzoate or tannic acid. It is biodegradable, 100% safe for pets and people. It can be used directly on carpets, bedding, upholstery, kitchen counters, refrigerators, even pets

CentraLux is a central vacuum system.  Installed in the garage or basement, the main canister collects dirt and debris from outlets throughout the home, filtering out 99.97% of dirt, and conforming to HEPA standards. The system can be installed in newly constructed as well as existing homes. Easy to use, low maintenance and noise free CentraLux is a popular air purification system with a 5 year warranty

G2 Home Filtration
Aerus G2 is a complete air filtration system which can be installed with your HVAX system to clean 2500 sq feet of space in just one hour. Made of a brushless motor for longevity, it comes with a metal screen to prevent damage to the HEPA filter. A specially designed motor contributes to noise free operation.  This product comes with a 5-year warranty.

Aerus AQ 1000
This portable HEPA air purifier removes 99.97% of contaminants from the air using a 3-step filtration process to remove smoke, dust mites, animal dander, pollen, organic compounds and mold spores. It includes a washable pre filter which increases filter life, as well as a container for aromatherapy packets.

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Aerus Headquarters:  Dallas, Texas
United States

Aerus Last Updated: Jun 2, 2010, 9:22pm