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Choice Wireless

Choice Wireless is looking for Mobile Agents in rural < Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona>!
Want to learn something new and be a part of something great?
Want to become part of rural Nevada/New Mexico/Arizona’s latest craze?
No experience necessary, we will give you the tools to succeed and train you to be the industry experts. Becoming a Choice Wireless Mobile Agent is a rewarding job that will begin putting cash in your pocket from your very first service activation. Whether you use this program to make some extra cash on the side or if the Choice Wireless Mobile Agent program is your main career focus, you are in control of how much money you make!

Our commission payout is easy to understand; the higher dollar rate plan you activate, the more money you make! We will pay you for every new rate plan activation you complete.

Do you have friends to refer to the Choice Wireless Mobile Agent program? If yes and they become producing Choice Wireless Mobile Agents, you get paid for each of their activations too! Join us now .
For more information or to sign up, visit:

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