Fine Vs Super Fine

Lewis here.. 


Whilst sitting at 

my desk this morning

trying to think of 

today's topic, I 

struggled a little to 

be honest, but when I 

dug a little deeper, it 

came to me. 


Here goes..  


I just wanted to 

share another 

of Jim Rohn's 



He said that wages

can make you a living, 

which is fine...


But, profits can 

make you a fortune, 

which is obviously



Wouldn't you agree? 


I sure hope so. 


Now, I'll be honest 

as here. 


I ain't promising at all

that you'll make a dollar

when you start your 

business, but surely 

having the chance 

to live the superfine 

lifestyle is worth

the effort... 




I think so anyway. 




Just to be clear, 

I ain't bashing any

one who has a job. 


It simply means they

are contributing to 

society, which is great. 


But, the reality is, 

sadly, most jobs 

just don't pay enough. 


Now, I'm sure that 

if you're in that 

situation, you relate 

with what I'm saying 



And one more thing 

before I go today. 


I'm not trying to 

suck you into 

joining what I 

have to offer, 

but, I'd be more 

than willing to 

share some details 

to see if it's a fit...


It doesn't matter

to me either way... 


So, feel free to 

hook me up 

on Skype - lewisdwhite Cool

and we'll 

go from there. 


What do you say?


Thanks for reading 

folks and I'll hopefully

be connecting with 

you real soon. 


Ciao for today...


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