Quotes...Well More Than Just Quotes

Quotes, Well Actually More Than Just Quotes

We can learn a lot from quotes....

We see them everywhere...Just look around you...

Books, magazines, social media, mentors and leaders, ect...

I'm blessed to have a mentor who had a mentor who passed down the wisdom of quotes on to her.

And now she is doing the same for me and the rest of her students...

Here are a few of her quotes, well actually more than just quotes but some beneficial application

  • "You don't gotta get it right, you just gotta get it going."

It doesn't have to be perfect before you go live with that blog post, video, Facebook Live, ect. qoute_marks

People, places and things will eventually show up because the learning is in the doing.

  • "What you give away you get to keep."

Something to think about: what are you willing to share with others?

Do you share what you learn?

More comes back to you in return...

  • "What you argue for you get to keep."

Negative self-talk makes this quote true...

  1. It's too hard
  2. I can't afford it
  3. I'm so overwhelmed

Be careful what you let fall from your lips...

Instead, argue fro greatness!

  • "You can't expect the old you make new money."

The missing link to marketing and making money online is to change the way you think about others and yourself.

The sooner you change your mind...you change your energy...you change your life.

More Helpful Quotes

  • "Wisdom is not all that you know but being aware of what you don't know."
  • "You can't complain about that which you permit."
  • "Money can't be evil, it doesn't have a spirit or conscious."
  • "Be someone for somebody."
  • "What you tell others to do, you believe you can do it too."quote
  • "People are either building you up or tearing you down."


These are only a few quotes from my mentor...

They have been life changing for me and many others...


Did you get any value? I'd really appreciate it if you commented and shared.

Nathaniel Wright


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