Are you tripping over dollars to make dimes?

The lack of "business sense” and "common sense" I see from most home business owners and opportunity seekers makes me want to throw up all over my laptop….

Here’s what I mean…

Many in our industry will only join a new business once they see the masses flocking to it…. Only when they see it as the “thing to do.”

I want to grab these people by the collar and shake the shit out of them while screaming,

“SERIOUSLY, thats how you make BUSINESS decisions?”

In an industry where 97% make less than $10 a week, doing anything because thats what the masses are doing is beyond insanity.

Here’s another example…

Someone is positioned, possibly for the first time, in a real business that has real products, real leadership and real long-term income potential… This business, and others like it, preach personal development and skill development. They tell it like it is. They say that success, real success, is going to require hard work and persistence. This person believes this to be true, deep down, as we all do.

But then this person sees some marketing message promising “push button wealth.”  They are told that if they can "copy and paste" they can make a fortune with this revolutionary system and ground floor opportunity.

The persons GREED emotion takes over their common sense and they quit the real business to join the “easier” one. Only to realize a few months later that it was nothing more than smoke and mirrors cloaked in hype. And not only have they wasted precious time and money but they’ve done irreversible damage to their reputation by promoting what turned out to be a scam. Then they justify their failure to their friends and family by saying something like, “those things are all scams.”

I’ve been promoting my current opportunity since the beginning of this year. In that time I’ve become the #1 producer in the company, recruiting nearly 200 customers and reps. This is so because I take my business very seriously.

When I joined the business I invested both time and money because I saw a massive opportunity to capitalize on a growing trend. You can learn more about this growing trend RIGHT HERE.

I wish that everyone would see what I see when they join me in the business and some do, but most do not. Most come into the business and they make the same mistakes in the new business that they made in their last one. They don’t invest. They don’t treat it like a real business. They never really commit, so they “try” and build it along side 3 other businesses and then wonder why it goes nowhere for them.

Unfortunately, many of these people either quit, and go look for something “easier,” like the person in the example above, or they stay in the business and “kinda” do it, while they “kinda” do 3 other businesses at the same time. They trip over dollars to make dimes. I see this all the time and I’ve been seeing this situation over and over for the past 6 years.

Are you tripping over dollars to make dimes?

Are you repeating the same mistakes that have you spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

Are you listing to the hype mongers who prey on your weakness and insult your intelligence by telling you that you can make money without learning any new skills or growing as a person?

….Or, are you finally ready to get paid like a professional by actually becoming a professional?

Are you finally ready for a real business with real products, real leadership and real potential?

If so, then clicking here right now could be the first step towards a new, very bright future for you.

I’ll see you on the other side.

Adam Chandler

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