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Are you familiar with the term “A YOU, INC Business?"

Doesn’t seem to come up much these days but about 6 years ago when I I got started in home business it was a HUGE buzz phrase….

“Attraction Marketing” was just starting to catch on back then… The reality is that “attraction” has been used in effective sales and marketing for a very long time, but terms like "Attraction Marketing" and the "You Inc” Business model were being thrown around like crazy to classify what some of the most successful home business marketers were actually doing to recruit like crazy and make money online, hand over fist.

So why is it important and what does it have to do with you?

Well, if your reading this, I assume you want to build a more successful business right?

And you probably also want to experience a whole lot more speed pleasure and ease in your biz-building efforts then your experiencing right now right?

If so stay with me…. Because what I’m about to share with you is absolute GOLD for home business entrepreneurs like you and me… And it will make your recruiting a whole lot easier and more fun…. In fact, my friend Tanya used these exact principles to recruit 100 reps in her business and win 4 vacations from her company in the last year alone… She shows you exactly how she does it, in this value packed FREE VIDEO SERIES. 

As affiliate marketers and network marketers who promote other peoples products, we have to take a serious look at how we are perceived in the marketplace….

Because if a prospect sees you as just another sales rep for XYZ company or product line then red flags and sirens will start popping up in their mind and they will immediately put up an invisible brick wall….  And it won’t matter how great the “thing” that your promoting is, they won’t be buying, guaranteed. Especially today when people are bombarded with sales messages, many have been burned before, competition is fierce and other options are just one click away.

On the flip side, when you position yourself as a trusted advisor, rather then a sales rep, you can simply make recommendations as a solution to a problem and they will buy based on your recommendation.

If you have a toothache and your dentist tells you to buy a specific product to ease the pain, are you skeptical?  Of course not. You are focused on one thing… Easing the pain! And you go buy it without a second thought because it came from someone who’s a (perceived) authority on the subject.

Thats the power of attraction marketing and the You, Inc business model…

If no one perceives you as an authority then recruiting is pure struggle. It sucks. No one is joining you and you end up running a NON-profit organization from the DIS-comfort of your home. Its frustrating and I know because I’ve been there!

Not only does branding yourself as an authority make recruiting way easier but its a recipe for long-term success. Think of it as insurance for your business. Because you have to understand that in this business you don’t really own anything. Your company could go away tomorrow for a million different reasons. If you have a residual check coming in now, the checks would stop coming and there’s nothing you could do about it. But if you had promoted yourself as the solution, over your company or product, you could join a new business and get into profit fast, because you are the commodity. You are the solution.

Ever wonder how some people can waltz into a new opportunity and become a top producer overnight while people who have been in the company for years can barely pay their light bill with the money they make from the business?

Ever wonder how people like Tanya can recruit 100 new reps and win multiple free vacations with ease?

You actually don’t have to wonder, because she’s put together a free video series to show you how its done….

CLICK HERE NOW to access this exciting new series, start recruiting like a pro and learn how to build a successful long term You Inc business starting today!


Adam Chandler

Adam Chandler


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