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When it comes to lifting heavy equipment in industries, the crane is very useful. You will be surprised to know that there are many varieties of cranes and the overhead crane is by far the most useful when it comes to lifting heavy materials. It is used for a variety of tasks and in some cases; it is also used to feed the raw materials into the hot furnace. Even the cost of these cranes varies depending on many factors like the distance it covers and the capacity it can lift in terms of weight.

How to choose the best crane for your industry?

  • You must have a clear idea about the weight to be lifted by the crane on a regular basis.
  • Also calculate the distance it has to cover inside the unit. Make sure to calculate the maximum distance as well as the shortest distance it has to cover. In some cases, the equipment itself will be so big that it needs some space to move around.
  • You should also calculate how frequently you will be using the crane. Is it a one time work or you will use it on a daily basis.
  • How much time will it save for your workers and the cost value of that savings?
  • You must also assess its safety and see if the work environment is suitable for the machine to be used in your factory. Also see if you will need trained people to handle the equipment or is it something that your workers can easily handle without any problem.

Check out the advantages of using a crane

When you plan to use an Electric Overhead Traveling Crane is also known as EOT crane in your facility, you need to check out its various advantages. The biggest one is that it can easily cover a large area with the least effort. If you are able to get this one installed on the uppermost portion of your factory, it will require very less space and work efficiently in moving heavy equipment all over your unit. It can easily be used in environments that require lifting heavy loads such as in the power generation facility, steel factories and refineries. It is also very easy to maintain and you will be able to recover the cost in a matter of a few months if you use it on a regular basis.

How it works?

The overhead crane works on the principle of three working movements. It can move up and down and also have lateral movement, thereby able to lift objects easily and carry them all along the tracks. If you need to extend the sideways movement, you can stretch the tracks to cover the complete length of the factory.

Comes with electric powered option

The crane comes with the electric powered option and can be easily fit into any industry without any hassles. The crane trolley is powered by a motor and it is possible to control the speed of the motor through a gear mechanism. In this manner, you can easily control the movement of the crane to suit the situation.


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