7 Upgrades for Office Break-Rooms to Increase Employee’s Productivity

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Most of us now understand the value and importance of having regular breaks during the working day. Apart from a walk in the park, which is not always practical, the best place to do this is the break room. Sadly, many companies get the break room wrong and it does not achieve the desired effect of relaxing and energising the staff. Some companies have it down to a fine art and results show through with their teams increased productivity and creativity.

 Here are 7 upgrades for office break-rooms to increase employee’s productivity.

 1.   Water Brings Peace

A trick often used in gardens, to replicate nature, is running water. The sight and sound is extremely soothing and calming. Given that the break room is supposed to be a place to unwind and relax, running water is a perfect fit.  

There are some really stunning indoor water features available these days and you will be spoilt for choice. Select one that is not too noisy but provides a gentle, soothing background effect. Make it visible, not tucked away in some corner. 

 2.   Provide A Workplace Chair Massage

Many companies have discovered the numerous benefits of corporate massage and are using it to their advantage. Research and experience has shown that workplace massage is a great stress reliever, reduces muscle tension and pain, decreases anxiety and depression, boosts the immune system and helps prevent repetitive strain injuries, especially carpal tunnel and tendonitis which are common in offices. Other health benefits are a decrease in blood pressure, improved quality of sleep and less headaches.

There are some great ideas I have seen at Shiatsu Chairs if you need a bit of inspiration.

The end result is happier, healthier employees that are more productive. They are less likely to take time off from work and will probably be more loyal. It is also a great perk when you are trying to attract new talent.

 3.   Make the Break-Room A Place of Celebration

Celebrate company, department or personal victories in the break room regularly. You can host employee birthday celebrations there too.

This will create a positive association with the break room and improve the desired effect of the space.  

 4.   Provide Top Quality Free Coffee

Coffee is an office ritual and is the ideal thing to sip while colleagues sit and relax. Coffee has got a lot of bad press lately but it is here to stay and, consumed in moderation, there is nothing wrong with a good cup or two.

There is nothing worse than cheap, dishwater coffee so splurge on the good stuff. Your staff work hard and deserve quality coffee.

 5.   Supply Healthy Snacks

Many offices these days provide daily meals for their staff, for others, it is just the occasional snack. However, you want to do it, ensure that when you do give food it will boost energy levels and not have the opposite effect. Think nut, yoghurts, fruit and berries, not greasy chips and burgers.  

 6.   Allow Fun and Games

What better way to relax and enjoy a break than a few entertaining games? Put in a table tennis, foosball or a pool table. These are all brilliant for a bit of enjoyment and encourage healthy rivalry between staff members.

 7.   Create A Sense of Ownership

The boss might own the office but the break room is essentially for the staff. Encourage feedback and listen to employee input with regards to what they want in the break room. This will give them a sense of belonging and improve the positive feelings towards the space, making the room more effective.

Employee satisfaction and happiness takes a lot more than just a knock out break room but it sure is a good place to start. Some companies have done this so successfully that they have almost zero staff turnover and quality talent knocking on their doors daily. Take a tip from their success and upgrade your break room. It will definitely improve morale, create staff loyalty, improve team work and assist in attracting top talent. You do not have to spend a fortune to create a top break room, just a bit of imagination, some input from the staff and a small budget. Make sure you do it soon and the results will follow.


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