6 Easy Tips to Create a Better Workspace Environment

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Employees seek companies where they feel they can be happy. Happy employees are more creative, productive and motivated and are willing to go the extra mile for the company. It is no longer a question of just generous salaries (although it still is a major consideration) but more about the things that an office provides the employees that extend further than the usual job perks. Today's employees are looking for companies that have better workspace environment, where constructive feedback, achievement recognition, open and frequent communication and other non-monetary incentives are available. Here are some tips on how to foster employee engagement with a great workspace environment.

1.  Offer flexible work hours

Studies show that the traditional Monday to Friday, 9-5 work week is not the most productive or beneficial schedule that fits everyone. There are people who function best in the morning while others work better when they start their work day a few hours later. There are employees who elect to work longer hours to compensate for working only a few days each week. If it is feasible in your office, allow your employees to choose their working hours, which will inspire and encourage them to work smarter. Some of your employees who have family commitments might elect to work remotely.

2.  Establish an open door policy

Open communication is a factor in creating a better workplace environment. Employees show higher satisfaction in their job and are more likely to stay if they know that management appreciates and listens to them. If you are the manager or the department supervisor, see to it that you are always available for concerns, comments and questions. No one should be left out of the loop. Encourage your people to approach you especially when there are minor conflicts and be sure to provide satisfactory and quick answers to their concerns. Friendly communication encourages closer working relationships, which leads to increased productivity.

3.  Minimize workload of employees

Modern managers should be realistic about how much work an employee can manage. Giving an employee too much to work on can lead to burnout, which is one of the reasons why employees quit. If it is absolutely necessary to assign more work, show them your appreciation by giving them a promotion or a raise. It helps if there is open communication and you tell your employees why the additional work is necessary. You can also explore hiring temporary workers to provide support so individual workloads do not become excessive. Think of hiring more staff if you think that your current number of employees is no longer sufficient.

4.  Provide development opportunities

Employees appreciate a workplace where they are provided opportunities to develop their skills. Give them on the job training. Encourage them to continue their education by reimbursing their tuition. You can also create chances for your employees to network and connect with their peers. Giving them these opportunities enhances productivity and reduces employee turnover.

5.  Give them a sense of purpose

Employees thrive in a workplace environment where they know how exactly they fit in the company structure. They feel they truly belong to the company when they understand the purpose and meaning of their roles and how they contribute to its success.

6.  Allow them to personalize their workstations

Aside from providing a well-lit office environment, quiet rooms and recreational areas, allowing your employees to personalize their workstations will greatly improve their mood. They will work better in a space that is appealing and personal to them. It gives them a sense of pride that will extend to all the things they do at work.

Although companies differ from one another and some solution may not be applicable in establishing better harmony in the office, providing a positive workplace environment assures you of happier employees. If your employees are satisfied, it translates to increased productivity, staff retention and greater commitment from your workers. 


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