Why is Learning English Important in Today's World?

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Learning English is very important and there are lots of people all over the world who decide to study it as a second language. However, it is also one of the most difficult languages to learn due to which people seek the assistance of professional institutes. For instance, you can learn English at Communicate School if you want to reap the benefits of mastering this language. Today, a lot of countries now include English as a second language as part of their school syllabus and children begin to learn it from a young age. But, do you really know why learning English is important?

Here are 10 reasons why learning this language has become crucial for everyone these days:

  1. The English language is one of the most commonly spoken languages globally as one out of every four people can at least understand or speak it. 
  2. English remains the primary language of computers, science, tourism, diplomacy and aviation. When you learn English, you have a better chance of getting a good job in a multinational firm within your country or can even get a job abroad. 
  3. English is the official language in about 53 countries, which is a lot of people to meet with, speak to and build relationships. 
  4. Around 400 million people over the world speak English as their first language. 
  5. This language remains the primary one used by the media industry. Once you have mastered the English language, you no longer need to depend on subtitles and translations when you wish to enjoy your favorite songs, films, books and TV shows. 
  6. English is also deemed as the spoken language of the internet. This is mostly due to the fact that a lot of websites are written in this language and not only can you understand them, but you are also able to take part in discussions and forums. 
  7. Based on the alphabet, learning English is fairly easy as compared to other languages such as Chinese. 
  8. Not only does the English language have many uses, it also provides you with a lot of satisfaction. It feels great to make progress and you will enjoy learning this language. When you think that every hour you become closer to perfection, it becomes even more self-satisfying. 
  9. As English is spoken in a number of countries in different parts of the world, there are thousands of schools, colleges and universities that offer programs in this language. When you have learnt English, you will have the opportunity of finding an appropriate school or course to meet your academic needs. 
  10. One of the primary reasons why people learn English is because it is fun. By learning this language, you will get a chance to learn about different cultures. You will be able to grow as a person when you learn the habits, traditions, values and way of life in a culture that’s different from your own. 

Learn English at Communicate School and master the language in a very short time to enjoy its perks. 

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