An honest QNET review.

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A "QNET" Review from someone who thought he'd never join


I am damn sure why you are here, either you have read some “QNET fraud” or “ QNET scam” or “ QI group bogus scam” or similar bullshit floating around.

Today, I am going to be blunt and straight to the point. At some point in this whole article you may find my tone arrogant or angry or whatever. If you are fence sitter, tire-kicker, wishy-washy and like to be pampered or mollycoddled then please leave this site immediately. I am going to hit you point-blank straight in the face, so some of you after reading this will hate me or send me a hate mail, but I don’t care. My job is not to please you but to help you to take an informed decision.

I’ve been hesitating to write this review for the last week, because of their so much controversy out there. Anybody wakes up and writes some stupid stuff about QNET without doing due diligence .There are lot of negativity out there and pain of dealing with all of the comments that reviews of this nature create, but because of certain things I find that it would be useful to bring out in the open a discussion of “QNET” from the perspective of someone who not only thought he’d never join, but was an open, public critic of the company. I used to openly talk negative about the company and warn people not to join it.

The QNET Is An Interesting Animal

It’s actually funny to watch the emotional, knee jerk reactions that both myself, and hundreds of other people have had to this company. QNET seems to spark more controversy, critics, and on the flip side – fanatical promoters than any MLM company that has emerged either on or off the internet for the last 20 or 30 years.

Now QNET is there for more than last 13 years operating in more than 233 countries.

In fact, when I first became aware of the company, I thought it was the stupidest thing that I had ever seen. Network Marketing was the stupidest thing I ever thought I would do. According to me Network Marketing was not a real business. I wrote a review earlier on some other blog bashing it, told people not to join it, told people I didn’t think it would sustain in India and here’s the funny thing…

If you think Network Marketing is not a real business, then check out this 3rd party video.

…I gave people a million and one reasons why they shouldn’t join QNET – as if I knew something about the industry and was some kind of expert.  

Sound familiar?

Sometimes it’s your responsibility of you to admit your mistake. The fact is that you should never criticize a company that you knew so little about – however; I wanted to take some time to address some of the specific criticism that I brought out, AND that has been raised by others. There is a famous saying.

“So Why The Heck Does QNET Attract So Much Criticism?”

There is a famous saying that goes like this  

"Smart people and stupid people get equal airtime. And since stupid people tend to shout longer and louder than people who have acquired wisdom and judgment, ignorance usually prevails. " Perry M.

The first thing that I would like to address is why QNET attracts such dramatic criticism in the first place, I have seen reviews of many companies in this industry but I have never ever seen a company that creates such a massive controversy. I found out that there are lots of companies out there operating in my country and outside my country, some of them are start-ups or some of them are operating since the advent of Amway in India but I have never seen such a badmouthing about any company whatsoever.

In fact, I was approached by one of my friends exactly 2 years back and I believed that it would be a scam or something like coaxing and cajoling your circle of influence to put money into it.

The reality is – people criticize what they don’t understand and they are afraid of.Why would someone be afraid of QNET?

I heard some stupid ignorant person writing something like this “ I had to sell my home to join "QNET” . What the heck was that? You have to put minimum $700 to start and there is no repeat purchase, so I don’t know from where that opinion originated from. I promise you, that the reason people, ESPECIALLY who know absolutely nothing about the company (which is most of them), are simply afraid that their downline is going to leave, and for good reasons.

So why people badmouth “QNET”?

Is it that “QNET” is fraud or is it money laundering business or is it some “scheme” or is it someone who misguided you for making a quick buck? Some people might consider it as a cult. There are a few factors. First and foremost reason is there are some competitors in Network Marketing industry are using some of the cheap techniques like “Google Adwords” or “Blogspot” or “Wordpress” or “Facebook Groups” to attack QNET, most of them don’t reveal their true identity.

Here are examples of some of them. BTW I really appreciate the efforts people take to bash something rather than adding the value. It’s actually very easy to become cynosure by writing something negative. I know few of my ignorant friends bothered to do research and they found out this to justify or back up their stupidity. I laughed at them, that is different story altogether.Although I have absolutely no issues with my friends, seriously I feel bad about them. There is one analogy I want to make here, if you are poor and you want to remain poor, you will justify all means to remain poor at any cost. No matter what.

So here are some points my friends have discovered on the internet.

Now some of the so called “gurus” or “experts” will claim that "Ohhh" Wikipedia has also negative connotation about “QNET” or “QI Group”, then there must be something wrong. What these “gurus” fail to understand that “Wikipedia” is an open source site, anybody can edit it the way they want, so tomorrow don’t be fumbled if I write something stupid about you, Wikipedia will accept it.So why nobody is trying to put right information? Because people don't have time to do all this stuff, they are busy in the activity or even if you put something good, some nuisance is going to change it because he/she has no other task other than that.

There is also a possibility that the person showing you the projection may misguide you for a quick buck. This is happening in some of the cases. That’s the reason many frustrated or confused or stupid ignorant people blame the company. If you think the person is misguiding you, you can file a case against him but don’t go and write bad things about the company because the culprit is different. At our training systems we don’t teach IRs (Independent Representatives) such things. Read Code of Conduct.

There is a gentleman called “Bill E. Branscum”. I don’t have personal grudge against him but on his website he mentions that “GoldQuest” is “pyramid”. Now who is Bill E. Branscum? He is a private investigator, so his opinion doesn’t hold any solid value if it’s not backed by any evidence. For the time-being assume I am a reputed “industrialist” and I make some comments on some specific industry, let’s say “manufacturing” without any backing, does that mean just because I am from the same industry I got official rights to comment on something I don’t even know.  

When ignorant people ask me if “QNET” is so good then why there is so much negativity out there?

The answer goes like this, If you are focused on finding negative or faults about something, you will attract that only. Companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, IBM etc were also involved in a legal tussle. Some of those even lost the cases in the court of law but still we consider them as a brand. I am not going to provide you with all the details and proofs. You have to Google it yourself and if you are too lazy to do that also, then please don’t bother to read further.

Is QNET a cult?

A few months back when I saw the demo of “Landmark Forum” and decided to join it, I saw many opinionated articles about it’s being a “cult” or something like that. There were many sites expressing that “Landmark Forum” is money laundering business. It’s useless. They don’t allow you to go outside. They force you to register for their “Advanced Course”, but when I attended it, all my doubts were cleared and there is not a single grain of truth in those reports by various experts. If you don’t believe me, you can ask any other fellow who have joined “Landmark Forum”. Although I know there were some jerks who after attending it, considered it as a “bad investment”.

I had called few of my friends to ask about their opinions about it before joining. Some gave me good advice. Some “gurus” told me why you need to go to paid course when you can get it everything at a lesser cost or free. Not the point. And at the end, Gurus & Experts were proved wrong, at least for me. So does that mean “ QNET” is also something similar to that. People have lots of opinions but still facts sell for themselves.  

These points you should consider before putting your money into "QNET"

What is the leadership behind “QNET”? Do they have relevant experience and expertise to run a successful network marketing company? What are their values and Integrity?

Read about


Now why the hell am I sending you on Wikipedia, if I refuted the claim of Wikipedia being correct , then just check out “references” tab, because all the references in earlier “QNET” article is either wrong or manipulative or opinionated, so just check the references not the article and you will know all the false claims against them don’t hold the truth.

Even listed Founder Dato Vijay Eswaran as one of the 48 heroes of philanthropy

Some Facts and Figures about QNET(with proof) you can't ignore

  1. QNET is listed on World Economic Forum
  2. QIComm is 48th fastest growing tech company in the UK
  3. QI group surpasses $1 billion sales
  4. QNET has partnership with Virgin Racing
  5. QI group in Businessweek
  6. Microsoft reference
  7. 3rd party review of Obtainer Magazine

Should you join “QNET”?



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