The top 10 SEO Tools Used by Marketing Pros

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If you’re an SEO specialist or marketing consultant, there are of course a huge range of different SEO tools available to you, all designed to help you to streamline your SEO processes and make your work more efficient and effective! However, not all SEO tools are created equal - so in this article, we're going share the 10 best SEO tools used by marketing professionals, in no particular order!


Moz offers a 30 day free trial to new subscribers, and provides services such as custom reports and researching, a website error-finder tool, and SEO opportunities, all within one handy package.


SEMrush gives digital marketing professionals an edge with their competitive data services, providing analytics report tools and organic research options that allow you to see real-time data on changes in domain name rankings. You can also find your competitor’s most effective keywords, and information on your competitors in both Google AdWords and Bing Ads, just for starters!


Ahrefs provides a social media and SEO tool suite built on the world’s largest backlink index, updated in real time every fifteen minutes. Utilising its own crawler to ensure that the data you are viewing is original and not duplicated by other tools or apps, Ahrefs can help to give you a head start on what is trending, who is on the up, and other essential marketing insights!

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is the world’s largest link index database, allowing you to check backlinks, compare the growth rate of competing domains, and search and identify keywords, as well as allowing you to export raw data into your own apps from their own API.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog gives you an unobtrusive desktop programme for PC, Linux or Mac, which crawls links, images, scripts, apps and more from an SEO perspective. Screaming Frog collates key onsite SEO elements and filters them into easy to read tabs according to type, which you can then analyse and manipulate within the app, or export to Excel or another programme of your choosing.

WildShark SEO Spider

WildShark SEO Spider is a free, unlimited SEO tool that permits SEO pros to spider websites and identify code errors or site flaws at-a-glance. Containing only the essentials and no unnecessary features or bloatware, WildShark SEO Spider allows you to limit the speed of the tool for use on slow or shared servers, ignore external URLs, and even view errors on “noindex” sites, in order to ensure that your website launch is SEO friendly from the get go!

Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools provides dynamic link profile filters and supports social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter too! Using 93 SEO metrics and 24 link back-ends, Link Research Tools boasts up to date, accurate information at your fingertips.


SearchMetrics is an SEO and content optimisation suite that allows you to view the correlations between your successful content and those of your competitors, and leverage data-driven content recommendations based on the principles of natural language processing.


Impactana helps you to identify the relevant influencers for your market niche, and discover compelling content by reviewing social share data. It also provides all of the background data and information you need to create compelling, relevant content of your own.


Buzzsumo allows you to analyse your competitor’s content and identify what is working for them. You can filter your results to return only that which is relevant to you, with filtering options including searches by date, and content type (article, share, video etc).

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