Does “Attraction Marketing” really work? Can it work for ME?

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“Attraction Marketing” seems to be what a LOT of internet marketers and home business owners are talking about right now… 

But what exactly is ‘Attraction Marketing?’ 

And more importantly, can it help ME get fresh leads daily, make more sales, and build the business of my dreams?

YES, it absolutely can… and I’m going to give you 7 simple steps to get ‘Attraction Marketing’ working for you today!

No matter where you’re at in your business… whether this is your first week online, or you’re a multiple 6-figure business owner… the following is an in-depth look at ‘Attraction Marketing,’ and how anybody can apply it TODAY to take YOUR business to the next level.

ATTRACTION MARKETING DEFINED: ‘Attraction Marketing’ is a marketing strategy that ATTRACTS customers and clients to you who already want to buy what you have to offer.

Imagine saying good-bye to convincing, chasing, or begging… no more cold calling, buying leads, or getting rejected… 

Imagine having people reaching out to YOU excited to talk to you about YOUR business every single day…

Imagine actually being able to build that dream business you were promised when you first got started…

It’s real my friend. And all of this can start to happen for you TODAY if you follow the following 7 steps…

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STEP 1 – Brand YOU… YOU are the ONE!

The #1 fundamental first step to Attraction Marketing is you must BRAND YOU!

You must Brand YOU, NOT your company. People join people, NOT companies… that’s why you must Brand YOU and NOT the company!

3 big reasons why you want to BRAND YOU, and NOT your company…

1. People buy products from and join PEOPLE, NOT companies.
People buy from and do business with people they know, like, and trust. People join PEOPLE. If you can become the leader in your prospect’s eyes, and they feel you can get them where they want to go… they will join you. Now that you know people join people and NOT companies, stop branding your company up front.

2. Companies come and go, but YOU are here to stay.
ALL businesses, especially direct sales and network marketing companies, come and go all the time. 90% of businesses don’t survive the first year in ANY industry. We’ve witnessed countless horror stories of MLM companies changing comp plans overnight, which can crush entrepreneurs and send their incomes to zero. Build your business on concrete, not quick sand… Take control and become recession-proof… Brand YOU.

3. Branding the company guarantees you LOSE customers.
If you are branding your company all over Facebook and social media, there will be a percentage of your prospects that ‘google’ the company before you connect with them… And chances are they will find another leader to work with or some bait-and-switch article telling them to NOT join your company. It is guaranteed that you will lose customers and business if you brand your direct sales / network marketing company up front.

FYI: ‘Branding YOU’ has NOTHING to do with how much success you’ve had or money you’ve made (or not made). In fact, ironically, branding YOU has nothing to do with you at all really… it’s about THEM… it’s about the people you’re going to serve…

Don’t stress about having to put together an impressive resume to attract buyers for your business… nobody cares about your resume.

Your prospect cares about ONE thing: can you make their life better?

Can you lead them where they want to go? Do you have skill-sets or knowledge that THEY want? Do you have VALUE in the eyes of your prospect?

If you’re thinking ‘that’s great… but HOW do I brand myself and attract customers and buyers to me if I’m new and haven’t made any money yet?

We’ll address that (and more) in step 2 below…

STEP 2 –  Define Your Audience

The next step is VITAL:  you need to get crystal clear on who your audience is.

Before you can grow any business, you must first get crystal clear on who you are even speaking to.

A BIG piece of the Brand YOU ‘Attraction Marketing Method’ is… 

Who are YOU? What is YOUR Passion? What is YOUR Vision? What group of people do you want to impact?

For example, if you’re in a health and wellness company that you love, you’re going to have to decide who your core audience is going to be…

OPTION 1: Are you most passionate about healthy organic foods, clean eating, diets, gut health, exercise & workout regimens, recipes, body hacks, etc?


OPTION 2: Are you most passionate about teaching and training generic home business owners how to get traffic, leads, and sales?

YES, there is a way to combine both brands creatively, and we will teach you how to create content for BOTH of the examples above in a way that attracts customers, clients, sales, and reps…

A great question to ask yourself:  What do I LOVE talking about?

Because you are going to have to get excited about creating content around this subject matter for your audience every single day… (which is super easy to do IF the subject matter sets your soul on fire! more on that in a second as we move to Step 3)…

STEP 3 –  Understand Your Audience’s Biggest Challenges

Understanding your audience is a very simple process…

* Get clarity on who your target audience is FIRST

* Uncover your audience’s top challenges, problems, and pains

* Create content consistently that addresses their challenges, problems, and pains every single day

STEP 4 –  Create Content that Addresses Your Audience’s Challenges – VALUE & SERVE

The best way to Brand YOU and become the Leader in your industry is to consistently create VALUABLE content for your audience…

So what the heck does that actually mean to you in practical terms?

VALUABLE CONTENT: Any piece of content that addresses YOUR target audience’s top challenges, problems, and pains… content that provides solutions and answers that your audience would see VALUE in.

After creating thousands of success stories and profitable clients & students, we’ve come up with a very simple formula to help you create laser focus in your business on a daily basis…


‘Build your audience – Engage your audience – Sell to your audience’

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Attraction marketing

Attraction marketing


STEP 5 –  Build a Relationship With Your Audience

We’ve already covered that people join and buy from PEOPLE, NOT companies.

But we must fully understand that it is PEOPLE who give you money in exchange for stuff they believe will make their lives better…


And we need to start thinking more long-term. If your prospect doesn’t buy day 1, that’s ok! 

The timing may not be right for them, or they may require more rapport, trust, or value from you before they do business with you. 

Start thinking more long-term, begin building real relationships, and keep creating real value for your audience. 

Nurture the relationships you make, have their best interest at heart, create more value than your competitors, and you will win!

STEP 6 –  Uncover Their Pain & Provide the Pain-Killer


Each prospect is going to be different, and each will be looking for a unique solution to their specific problem.

The best way to uncover each individual prospect’s pain is to take the time to connect and actually talk with them.

It’s so simple:  Discover & pinpoint their biggest problem, and provide the perfect solution (i.e., point them to your product or service).

STEP 7 –  Embrace Multiple Income Streams & Make Money From the 90% Who Say NO

This was HUGE for me, and is a key component of what took me from 3 years and $30,000 in debt to my first 5-Figure Month.

If you only have 1 revenue stream, it’s going to be next to impossible to create financial freedom online.

ALL top earners online embrace multiple income streams… It’s just smart business.

Imagine if all day you are connecting with your audience of entrepreneurs, and 90% of them are not into your specific business opportunity…

But instead of just saying good-bye to 90% of your prospects…

What if you could still connect with, serve, build a relationship with, and offer the 90% who say NO a SOLUTION that solves the problems they already encounter (or will inevitably encounter) as a home business owner?

ALL BUSINESS OWNERS REQUIRE LEADS AND MONEY – so what if you could ask the people who say NO to your opportunity a very simple question…

“How are you doing with generating leads for your business?”


“Ok, no problem… would you by chance be interested in learning how to get an extra 12+ fresh, interested, quality prospects each day for YOUR business?”

This question has made our students a LOT of money…

We’ve spent since 2008 perfecting a solution that trains entrepreneurs how to get more leads and make more money… and now our students can ask this specific question, provide the perfect solution, and get paid from 90% of the people who will say NO to your opportunity… BRILLIANT!

So in theory, every single conversation you have with every prospect COULD make you money… and that my friend, is a complete game-changer… and this is how top earners create financial freedom!

This ‘Attraction Marketing’ guide has revealed the TRUTH, and now you know exactly how top earners make a fortune online.

Click Here if you want to be able to ask the exact question above to make money from the 90% who say no, and apply Attraction Marketing to grow your business today!

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